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Bird Repellent "Pacon" Bird Free

Bird Repellent "Pacon" Bird Free

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Recommended as a preventive measure before pigeons settle in! Among our pigeon repellents, this is the most powerful gel type repellent used by professionals. The scent of cinnamon, which is generally disliked by birds, exerts a repellent effect, and it is suitable not only for pigeons, but also for crows, swallows, sparrows, and seagulls. Because the repellent ingredients are microencapsulated, the effect lasts for a long time. * A caulking gun (sold separately) is required for use. Please prepare a commercially available one separately.

It uses environmentally friendly and safe ingredients that are included in the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so you can rest assured that there is no harm to the environment or the human body. Due to its excellent heat resistance and weather resistance, it maintains a stable state even under harsh conditions, is resistant to water, and retains its hardness even when exposed to rain.

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Points to note for effectiveness

bird free

○ Pigeons have a strong homing instinct, and once they settle in, they will persistently try to return even if they are driven away. Please note that the effect may not appear in the following cases.

- There are pigeon feeding grounds, playgrounds, nests, eggs, chicks, etc. nearby.
- The smell of pigeon droppings remains.
- A place where you have already settled or have lived in the past.
- If it rains after spraying the repellent.

○ If no effect is seen, we recommend physical countermeasures against pigeons, such as installing bird- proof sword mounts .

Promoting avoidance by means other than the sense of smell

Installation example 1

stimulate the sense of touch

When birds step on the repellent with their feet, the unpleasant feeling stimulates the sense of touch and provides a repellent effect.

Installation example 2

stimulate the taste

When birds eat the repellent, the unpleasant taste stimulates their taste buds, resulting in a repellent effect.

Installation example 3

Stimulate your vision

Using the nature of birds that UV rays look like flames, it has a repellent effect.

how to use

Gel type installation method

○In the case of small birds such as sparrows and starlings, place cups at intervals of 10 cm.

○ Place cups at intervals of 20 to 30 cm for pigeons and crows.

※You have to make sure that the gel in the cup sticks to the wings of the bird. Therefore, in the case of small birds, the installation interval becomes narrower.

○ The effectiveness of the repellent will be halved if there is a foul-smelling object such as pigeon droppings or feathers, or if there is a feeding area nearby. Before installing the repellent, be sure to remove any dirt such as feces.

○ Apply a liquid agent such as silicon sealant to the tray and install it in a place you want to avoid. Then, all you have to do is pour the contents onto the tray and you're done.

○ A caulking gun is required for use. Please prepare a commercially available one separately.

Pigeon measures according to the situation

Among birds, pigeons have a particularly strong homing instinct, and once they have settled in, they will persistently try to stay even if they are driven away. The following products can physically prevent birds from flying by simply installing them in places where birds gather. It is recommended when avoidance by odor is not effective.

Product specifications

容量 37g
成分 エチルカルビトール、BHT、イソプロビルアルコール、ハト忌避香料
効果期間 30日間
効果範囲 3m(半径1.5m)

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