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Bird Repellent "Pacon" Bird Free (Low Odor Type)

Bird Repellent "Pacon" Bird Free (Low Odor Type)

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Recommended as a preventive measure before pigeons settle in! Easy to repel pigeons, crows and other birds with natural ingredients that are friendly to people and animals. Stimulating not only the olfactory, tactile and gustatory senses but also the visual senses at the same time has a great effect. It contains a color that only birds can see and a UV absorber, and by absorbing UV rays, it looks like flames to birds. This makes them aware that the place is dangerous and keeps them away from it. If you use it in the early stages when the pigeons start flying, the pigeons will not come closer (*There may be individual differences in the effect).

A low-odor type that reduces the odor of bird-free repellents for pigeons. It is cup-shaped and attached with double-sided tape, so even those who are not used to working can easily install it.

Points to note for effectiveness

Installation of low odor type

○ Pigeons have a strong homing instinct, and once they settle in, they will persistently try to return even if they are driven away. Please note that the effect may not appear in the following cases.

- There are pigeon feeding grounds, playgrounds, nests, eggs, chicks, etc. nearby.
- The smell of pigeon droppings remains.
- A place where you have already settled or have lived in the past.
- If it rains after spraying the repellent.

○ If no effect is seen, we recommend physical countermeasures against pigeons, such as installing bird- proof sword mounts .

Installation method

○In the case of small birds such as sparrows and starlings, place cups at intervals of 10 cm.

○ Place cups at intervals of 20 to 30 cm for pigeons and crows.

※You have to make sure that the gel in the cup sticks to the wings of the bird. Therefore, in the case of small birds, the installation interval becomes narrower.

If there is a foul-smelling object such as pigeon droppings or feathers nearby, or if there is a feeding area nearby, the effectiveness of the repellent will be halved. Be sure to remove dirt such as feces before setting.



Wipe the installation site clean. Please remove the fat.



Paste the special tape on the back of the cup



Place them at 20 to 30 cm intervals on handrails, etc.

Product specifications

容量 1カップ18g
成分 ポリブテン、ミネラルオイル、植物エキス  全成分はすべて天然成分のため、環境にも安心で安全です。
効果期間 約1年間
セット内容 1カップ(18g)×6個、2m分の個数です。専用テープ6枚

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