How much does an electric fence cost? Explanation of factors that change the main body estimate and cost

An electric fence that protects crops from damage by wild animals. It is an effective means of preventing animal damage, but when it comes to purchasing it, many people may be wondering how much it will cost. This time, we will explain the approximate cost of the power supply fence itself and the factors that change the purchase cost.

Five factors that determine the cost of purchasing an electric fence

The purchase price of an electric fence varies depending on the power supply method, function, and voltage of the main unit. Also, whether you purchase only the main unit or purchase accessories such as frames and supports as a set is also a factor that determines the cost. Let's take a look at the five factors that determine the purchase price.

1. Main unit power supply system

The first thing I would like to check as a guideline for the cost is the power supply system of the main unit. There are different types of electric fence bodies depending on the power source that supplies electricity.

Power supply method

Approximate cost




Cost performance that can be charged with sunlight ◎


During ~

Large capacity and long-lasting power supply

dry battery


Easy to manage with dry batteries



Stable operation with power source secured directly from the house

Solar is a type that uses sunlight to charge and supply electricity. It is characterized by high cost performance because it does not cost electricity in a sunny environment. It can be installed even in places where it is difficult to secure a power supply.

On the other hand, it is not suitable for areas with short hours of sunlight or areas prone to bad weather.

The battery type is supplied with electricity from the battery built into the main unit, and can operate stably for a long period of time. Like solar, it is also recommended for places where it is difficult to secure a power supply. The bottleneck is that the cost is a little high, and that you need to frequently check if the battery is dead.

The dry battery type is easy to install. Dry batteries are readily available and can be installed anywhere. On the other hand, there is the need to frequently check for dead batteries and the running cost of purchasing dry batteries.

The outlet type is a type that secures power from an outlet in the home, such as at home or in a work shed. It is easy to connect and supply electricity, but the distance of the power cable is limited, so the place where it can be installed is limited. Remember to measure the installation location and the distance to the power source before purchasing to make sure the cable is long enough.
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2. Maximum effective fence line distance of the body

The second is the maximum effective fence line distance of the electric fence body. Electric fences have different maximum voltages depending on the manufacturer and type of product, and the maximum effective fence line distance, which means the maximum distance that can be energized to the electric fence, varies accordingly. The lower the maximum voltage, the shorter the effective distance and the smaller the range that can be covered. Conversely, if the maximum voltage is high, the effective distance is long, and it is a mechanism that can cover a wide area.

Low voltage is cheaper, but higher voltage is more expensive. At the time of purchase, first calculate the length of the fence to be installed from the area where the electric fence will be installed.
Once you know the length of the fence, you can purchase an electric fence that meets the maximum effective fence line distance accordingly. Please note that if you install an electric fence in a range beyond the effective distance, the impact of electricity will weaken and the effect will be reduced.

3. number of rows of borders

Next, the number of steps of the frame line is also a factor that determines the cost.





Number of steps

2 to 3 steps

4 steps

8 steps

rail spacing

20 cm interval

30 cm interval

20 cm interval

Stanchion spacing




The electric fence adjusts the number of steps of the frame line according to the target animal. For wild boars, there are 2 tiers, and for deer, there are 4 tiers.
The higher the number of columns, the longer the border length used, and the higher the cost. Please refer to the table above for information on the number of steps and fence spacing for each major animal.
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Four. Differences in manufacturers and functions

The cost will vary depending on the manufacturer and features. Even just to mention the representative manufacturers that handle electric fences, there are many manufacturers from long-established to latecomers.



next agri

As a latecomer to the electric fence manufacturer, we handle a large number of inexpensive and high-quality electric fence products.


In 1977, we developed and sold Japan's first electronic propane bomber. Handling a large number of wildlife protection equipment


An electric fence manufacturer in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture. Selling electric fences equipped with various functions at affordable prices


A long-established manufacturer that has been in business for 70 years. We sell a large number of wildlife control items, including electric fences, and work on "harvest support" in agriculture.

Just like home appliances, electric fences have different functions and features depending on the product, and the cost will go up and down accordingly.
For example, each product has its own characteristics, such as the presence or absence of an operation selector switch and the display format of the remaining battery charge. When purchasing, if you check "what kind of function you are looking for" and "whether it has the function you are looking for", you will not make a mistake.

Five. set content

Finally, depending on the contents of the set, the cost of purchasing an electric fence will be different. In addition to the main body, electric fences require various components such as posts, frame lines, and clips. Please refer to the article below for detailed information on materials and installation.

If you already have the components such as the frame lines and supports, you can purchase the main unit only. On the other hand, if you are going to install a new electric fence, consider purchasing a set.
If it is a set product, you can purchase not only the main unit but also the parts necessary for installation together. The cost is cheaper than purchasing the products individually, and you can save the trouble of choosing the parts one by one.
Also, if you want to extend the electric fence you are currently installing, you can save money by purchasing extension frames and hooks that are sold separately. Let's choose according to the application.


Here are some tips on how much it costs to buy an electric fence. The cost of the electric fence is based on the power supply system of the main unit to be purchased. It is an image that the distance of the frame line to be installed there, the number of steps, and the cost of the necessary materials are added.

In addition, the main body of the electric fence has different functions depending on the manufacturer, and this feature also affects the cost. When purchasing an electric fence, first select the most suitable power supply method based on the location where the main unit will be installed. From there, let's select products based on the area of ​​the farmland to be installed and the required functions.
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