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Koshin Manual Sprayer RW-10DX Backpack Grandmaster

Koshin Manual Sprayer RW-10DX Backpack Grandmaster

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●New design that is easy to use and reduces fatigue. Consideration was given to lightness and stability of posture.
Easy-to-use diaphragm pump manual sprayer
●Tank capacity 10l
Attached spout: (for disinfection) vertical double-headed spout (for weeding) foam weeding spout with cover
●Ball cock and dynamic injection hose
●Nozzle pipe 60cm, hose 1.2m
- Lightweight and easy to use, evolved backpack type
●Industry lightest class (as of 2016)
Approximately 20% lighter (compared to conventional products) → Reduced fatigue
High durability
High-quality diaphragm and stainless steel gear rack adopted

Product specifications

タンク容量 10リットル
ポンプ形式 ダイヤフラムポンプ
ポンプ最高圧力 締め切り時:0.4MPa(4kgf/cm2)
ポンプ噴口 縦型二頭口噴口
ポンプ噴霧量(0.3MPa時) 縦型二頭口噴口:0.7リットル/分
寸法(幅×奥行×高さ) 358×201×519mm
本体重量 3.3kg
付属品 縦型二頭口噴口:1ケ、カバー付泡状除草噴口:1ケ、ノズルパイプ(60cm):1ケ、計量カップ:1ケ、握りグリップ:1ケ、吐出ホース(1.2m):1ケ、ボールコック:1ケ

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