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Koshin KOSHIN Smart Koshin Rechargeable Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner SCL-1820

Koshin KOSHIN Smart Koshin Rechargeable Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner SCL-1820

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Powerful suction power lasts
Adopting a high-speed rotating brushless motor in an efficient two-stage cyclone structure with a focus on suction power. The cyclone type, which is usually expensive, is an affordable price.

●Brushless motor achieves high suction power and durability
Uses a durable brushless motor. It has high suction power and excellent suction power.

The part where dust accumulates can be washed with water to keep it clean.
The cyclone part that is concerned about dirt can be easily removed with a single button and washed with water.

●Lightweight and compact 1.3kg Easy to handle
Small and lightweight is the best because it is used every day. Women and seniors can easily operate with one hand.

●Cleaning narrow gaps is OK!
The curved tip allows you to clean even tight spaces.

Vacuum cleaner

Product specifications

モーター ブラシレスモーター
バッテリー リチウムイオンバッテリー
電圧 18V
容量 2.0Ah
充電時間 約60分(※気温やバッテリー残量などにより異なります。)
運転時間 強:約10分 / 標準:約33分( ※満充電・無負荷時)
集じん方式 サイクロン方式
集じん容量 0.35L
吸込仕事率 強:73.6W / 標準:18.4W
本体サイズ [本体(バッテリー取付時)]470 × 90 × 216mm
本体重量 1.3kg(バッテリー含む、ノズル・ホース付属品なし)

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