Points for product selection and installation that you should know before purchasing an electric fence for the first time


Wildlife damage such as wild boars and deer encroaching on fields and destroying fields and eating crops is a very serious problem for farmers and those who enjoy home gardens. One of the effective measures to prevent such damage is the installation of an electric fence.

However, some people who are considering purchasing an electric fence have questions such as "What kind of electric fence should I choose?", "Aren't electric fences dangerous?", and "Is it difficult to install?" Isn't there some people who have.
This time, based on the advice we received from electric fence manufacturers, we have summarized the structure of electric fences, points to select products, and things to be careful about when installing, so please refer to it.

Mechanism of Electric Fence and Benefits

First of all, I will tell you how the electric fence works in the first place and what kind of effect can be obtained by installing it.

When the electric fence is installed correctly and the power is turned on, positive electricity flows from the main body to the fence wire and negative electricity flows to the ground. Normally, the plus and minus are not connected, but when the body of a wild animal touches the fence wire where the positive electricity is flowing, a path of electricity is created. Electricity flows from the fence wire through the body of the wildlife and to the ground.

However, since the hairs of boars and deer do not conduct electricity well, it is not possible to give a sufficient shock unless the hairless parts of the body, such as the nose and mouth, touch the fence wire. Also, wild boars and deer have a habit of exploring various things with their noses. Wild boars in particular are so sensitive that their sense of smell is said to rival that of dogs. By giving an electric shock to the sensitive nose in this way, wild boars and deer will judge the electric fence as "dangerous" and will not approach. It is the electric fence that uses the habits and learning psychology of these wildlife.

Electric fences are not life threatening!

Properly installed electric fences are safe from contact with humans and wildlife. This is because electric fences are designed with safety in mind.
Electricity does not always flow through the electric fence, but it flows at regular intervals (about 1 second).

If a person grabs a fence wire that is still electrified, the electric shock will stiffen the muscles and make it impossible to let go.
However, the electric fence is designed to be energized at intervals, so you can let go of your hand momentarily. If you understand how electricity flows and install commercially available electric fences correctly, you can use them safely.

What to do before buying an electric fence

Check the perimeter distance of the installation location

Some electric fence parts require different amounts depending on the circumference of the place where you want to install them. First of all, let's find out the perimeter distance of the installation place.

Determine the number of fence lines required for the target animal

Depending on what kind of animal you want to prevent from entering the installation site, the number of fence lines to be installed and the interval between them will also differ. Also, if you know the number of steps, you will know the length of the fence line required for installation. The main body of the electric fence has a set "effective distance", and the length of this fence line is one of the criteria when choosing the main body.

Calculate the quantity of parts required for installation

<How to calculate required parts>

  • Fence line length = perimeter (m) x number of steps
  • Number of poles = Perimeter (m) ÷ Installation interval (3-4m)
  • Number of insulators = number of poles x number of fence lines
  • Number of gate clips = number of entrances to be installed x number of fence lines
  • Some Apollo products are pre-assembled with the main unit and necessary parts. If you are worried about purchasing for the first time, you may want to purchase such a set.

    Considerations when choosing an electric fence

    When I asked him about the points of product selection, he told me two points.

    1. Choose a domestic manufacturer

    Imported products have the advantage of being cheap, but they also have the disadvantage of many defective products and not being able to repair them when they break down. Choose an electric fence made by a domestic manufacturer, considering after-sales follow-up in the unlikely event that it breaks down or installation does not go well.

    2. Choose on the main unit

    Parts other than the main unit may be substituted with alternatives or products from different manufacturers than the main unit. You should choose the main body of "function" and "price" that you can convince. Also, make sure that the total distance of the fence wire used at the installation location is within the range of the effective distance set on the main unit.

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    Be careful when installing an electric fence

    Installed at least 50 cm away from the edge of the road

    As mentioned in the section on how electric fences work, positive electricity flows from the main unit to the fence wire, and negative electricity flows to the ground. To connect positive and negative electricity and shock the wildlife's body, you need to touch the fence line with your feet while your feet are on the ground. The distance required to take that step is 50 cm or more.

    cut weeds over the fence line

    If weeds get on the fence line, it can also cause electric leakage. Be sure to mow the lawn on a regular basis. Also, be careful not to cut the fence line when mowing.

    Be sure to attach the hazard sign

    The installation and display of danger sign boards are required by law. Be sure to install a display that informs you that the power is on, as it also helps prevent accidents.

    This time, with the cooperation of an electric fence manufacturer, we explained how electric fences work, how to select products, and what to be careful about when installing them. In addition, our highly recommended Apollo electric fence is also sold at retail stores such as home centers, and despite being a domestic manufacturer, it has achieved a low price. In addition, since the repair service is quick and the repair fee is low, the after-sales follow-up is also safe. If you are having trouble choosing a product, be sure to check out Apollo products as well.

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