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Tanaka Sangyo stand back pro star 1700RC

Tanaka Sangyo stand back pro star 1700RC

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A bag for mass transportation of rice and wheat from harvesting with a combine harvester with a grain tank to loading into a dryer.
The operation (work) is done next to the main unit, so it is very safe and secure.
Furthermore, it has also cleared the new JIS compliance.
It does not require a heavy steel holder, so it does not take up much space and is economical.
The all-mesh structure prevents stuffiness and is safe for temporary storage while waiting in line at RC, CE, etc.

transport bag

Product specifications

規格 φ1300×1260H
容量 1700L
素材 メッシュ
排出口 φ450×600
仕様 750kg
最大重量 1000kg
ロープ φ20

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