Complete extermination is the motto! Introduction of mouse extermination service


We sell highly effective rodent extermination products, but we also propose extermination services for building owners, building management companies, and commercial facilities nationwide . After implementing the service, we have received many positive comments, such as "there are no mice at all, as if the past was a lie."

Eradication of rodent damage with the motto of complete extermination

The main feature of this service is that it aims at complete extermination. Beginning with Mr. Ikuo Moribe, the leading expert in rodent extermination, elite professional staff who have inherited the techniques for complete eradication will respond nationwide.

Introducing Mr. Ikuo Moribe, the leading expert in exterminating rats

Case of catching rats

He is a legendary master of rodent extermination.

With our unique technology for removing and catching nests, which are the source of rats, we have achieved complete extermination even in projects that major extermination companies have given up on, with the motto of creating an environment where rats do not inhabit.

For example, at one of Japan's leading theme parks, a major exterminator was commissioned to exterminate rats, but was unable to completely eradicate the rats, only capturing a few hundred rats in three months. So, Mr. Moribe and his apprentice started exterminating about 2,600 in one day. We have a track record of catching more than 9,000 in one month and achieving complete extermination.

As a first-class architect, he analyzes buildings with his unique knowledge and know-how, and by identifying the reasons for the occurrence of rats that cannot be clarified by other companies, he is working hard every day to achieve complete rat-free operation and prevent recurrence.

Target of this service

This service is applicable to various commercial facilities, buildings, industrial facilities and agricultural facilities. *Please note that due to the limited number of staff with reliable technology for complete extermination, private homes and private stores are not eligible.

Office/commercial buildings

Even if there are no entry routes to the human eye, there are gaps where rats can enter. Once invaded, rats follow the smell and invade more and more. Extermination by each tenant alone is not very effective, and it is necessary to take countermeasures against rats on the premise of complete extermination in the entire building.

Commercial facility

Commercial facilities that provide food are ideal homes for rats. If a customer notices the presence or traces of a mouse, if it gets mixed into a product or if it causes food poisoning, it could have a major impact on the business. Before the rats breed and grow in scale, you need to deal with them reliably.

Food processing facility

Sanitation is of paramount importance in food processing facilities. Rats carry various harmful bacteria, and by moving around the facility, they will contaminate the food and the entire facility one after another. In recent years, it is thought that there is an extremely high possibility that avian influenza is transmitted by rats, so special caution is required in poultry farms.

Completely eradicate rat damage from your property! Please contact us if you have any concerns about buildings and large facilities.

floor plan

First of all, please tell us more about the damage situation and the structure of the facility. The amount will vary depending on the building structure, size, and the content of the extermination work, so please fill in the following information on this form and contact us.

・Location and details of damage ・Building age ・Usage status of building (e.g. presence of restaurants and level)
・Structure (e.g. reinforced concrete structure)
・A floor plan (for 1 floor) if available

★Kyushu, Kansai, Aichi and Kanto areas can be supported especially quickly.

Flow of this service

( 1) Hearing of the situation <br>We will hear the details of the damage situation and building structure by phone or e-mail. If necessary, our staff will visit the site for a site survey in the presence of the owner.

(2) Estimate based on the damage situation and facility structure We will estimate based on the contents of the hearing. If you can place an order, we will discuss the construction schedule with you.

( 3) Construction will be carried out on the premise of complete eradication. General exterminators exterminate using commercially available poisonous baits, but depending on the case, they may not be able to deal with learned rats. On the other hand, this service produces reliable results by mixing bait according to the situation of the site and taking effective countermeasures based on knowledge of both rat ecology and building structure.

( 4) It is also possible to take measures to prevent recurrence after follow-up work. With the eyes of a skilled professional, we will determine the mouse's invasion route and install a unique trap.

Construction example

Depending on the structure of the building and the state of rodent intrusion, we will change the composition of the poison bait and mix it each time to completely exterminate it. In addition, after the extermination work has been completed, the route through which the rodents are likely to enter is determined with the eyes of a skilled professional, and traps are installed to prevent reoccurrence. We will try to keep the rat-free state for as long as possible.

Luxury rental tower apartment in Tokyo (33 floors above ground, 2 floors below ground): The owner consulted us about exterminating rats, and we completely exterminated them with poisonous baits. In addition, 1,000 traps have been installed at key points to prevent recurrence.

High-grade office building in Tokyo (8 floors above ground/1 floor below ground): An office building housing multiple corporate offices. We received a consultation from the owner about rodent extermination, and implemented complete extermination with poison bait. In addition, 250 traps have been installed at key points to prevent recurrence.

Office building in Tokyo (27 floors above ground/3 floors below ground): Eliminate rats from buildings housing corporate offices and restaurants. After complete extermination with poison bait, 150 traps were installed at key points to prevent recurrence.

Inquiries can be made by e-mail, telephone, or fax.

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