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Spring (1 piece)

Spring (1 piece)

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A spring for properly tensioning the bird-repellent wire. The U-shaped hook makes it easy to hang on a post, which is popular. It is made of stainless steel (SUS304) and has strength, so the wire can be stretched firmly for a long time. *This spring is a special product for stainless steel wire for avoiding birds.

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Spring installation method

① Make a loop by passing the tip of the wire through the sleeve. Be careful not to injure yourself with the tip of the wire.

(2) Tighten the sleeve tightly. Make sure to crimp the wire firmly so that it does not come off.

③ Hook the ring on the spring. Lightly bend the tip of the spring so that it does not come off the spring.

(4) Hook the spring on the strut. Bend the tip of the spring hooked on the strut a little to prevent it from coming off.

*The wire should be stretched properly, neither too strong nor too weak. The wires can get tangled easily, so be careful when handling them.

The sleeve used for crimping can be selected from two types: a stainless steel sleeve suitable for harsh environments and an aluminum sleeve that is easy to crimp. /p>

Spring installation method

Installation method

How to make anti-bird wire

●Stand up pillars at 2m intervals and stretch the wires.

●Use a spring every 4m. For example, if you use three posts at a height of 4m, you can simply pass the wire through the hole in the center post. However, when stretching the wire in an L-shape or U-shape, be sure to use springs at the corners.

●Also, please be sure to use the struts for the terminal struts.

●The spring can be either a spring or a one- touch spring . When using the spring, prepare the same number of sleeves ( aluminum sleeves or stainless sleeves ).

★ Installation example for 10m

Installation example for 10m

Approximate required quantity of each component

2m 10m 20m 50m 100m
In the case of 1-tier strut Two 6 11 26 51
wire 2.5m 11m 22m 55m 110m
Spring 2 pieces 6 10 pieces 26 pieces 50 pieces
In the case of two-tiered strut Two 6 11 26 51
wire 5m 22m 44m 110m 220m
Spring Four 12 pieces 20 pieces 52 pieces 100 pieces

How to put up anti-bird wire

Select each component according to the installation location.

anti-bird wire

1: Bird repellent wire A wire that is stretched to prevent birds from flying.
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2: It is a spring for stretching the spring wire with appropriate tension.
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3: It is a prop to stretch the prop wire. Various types are available depending on the installation location.
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4: Used as necessary when installing in a bandpipe-like location.
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Product specifications

サイズ 線径φ0.8mm 自由長(内~内)60mm
素材 ステンレス製(SUS304)

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