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Electric Fence Sten Insulator Nishiden

Electric Fence Sten Insulator Nishiden


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*Caution: Supports, insulators, and hooks are not compatible with other manufacturers. Please purchase from the same manufacturer.

Only for FRP electric fence posts . A spring-type insulation insulator for fixing electric fence ropes to electric fence posts. Because it is made of stainless steel, it is characterized by being resistant to rust. Please choose according to the diameter of the FRP electric fence post .

Calculation example of required number of materials

1 number of struts = perimeter length / spacing between struts
2 Number of insulators = number of struts x number of steps
3 Electric wire = perimeter x number of layers
4 Gate clip = number of stages x installed entrance/exit location
5 Danger board 1 piece for 50m to 100m

For example, if the circumference is 140m and there are 2 steps, 3m intervals, and 1 entrance/exit,
● Number of props → 140 ÷ 3 = about 47 ● Electric fence cord → 140 m × 2 = 280 m
● Number of insulators → 47 × 2 = 94 ● Entrance gate → 2

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