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Wild boar repellent Boar-proof 40 pieces

Wild boar repellent Boar-proof 40 pieces

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Shishi-proof here is amazing!


●The main component of the repellent ingredient is a food additive grade liquid, so it is highly safe and secure.

- Start repelling just by folding the repelling stick lightly.

● Easy installation without large-scale equipment and power supply!

●About 10 grams per stick. Easy to carry even in the mountains.

●Because it is made of plastic, it is resistant to rain and releases slowly.

●Since it is a product that appeals to the olfactory sense of wild boars, humans can hardly perceive the smell.

●The quality retention period is 3 years from the date of manufacture. The expiration date is as long as one year after the glass ampoule is broken.

● Shishi-proof is safe and secure made in Japan. Manufactured in a domestic factory.

A new wild boar countermeasure with outstanding effects!

Product composition

Leopard-proof composition

With the thicker side of the "Shishi-proof" facing down, fold it lightly until it clicks. Bend it 2-3 times while changing where you fold it. With the thick side of the "shishi-proof" facing up, lightly shake it up and down several times to mix the liquids together.

Installation location

Precautions regarding the installation location

Please do not install it on a downhill as much as possible!
Although wild boars are smart and wary animals, they can "break through the stench of deer" in their downhill momentum.

Example of installation

Example of installation

Stretch a rope or the like in the installation area, and secure it with a cable tie at a height of about 40m to 80cm from the ground at intervals of about 1.5m to 2m.

*It is recommended to install it on an existing wire mesh or electric fence.
*It is recommended to devise a way for the wild boar to stop near the repellent.
* Please change the installation range according to the size of the individual.

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