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Anti-bird net Heirel Kyner (main body set)

Anti-bird net Heirel Kyner (main body set)

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Enclose farms and kitchen gardens with fence nets to protect them from crows and starlings that invade from the sky. The size is 1.8m x 1.8m x 1.8m (30mm mesh). You can expand according to the size of the farm by using the expansion set .

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How to assemble Heirel Kyner

1. Join the cube block and the joint cap, and attach the bolts to complete the ceiling.

2. Attach the post to the ceiling.

3. Drive the square pipe into the ground and insert the support.
* When driving a square pipe, please insert the attached bottle and drive it. If you drive it directly, the square pipe may be deformed and you may not be able to cover it with the round pipe.

4. Put a net on the side, make a door part, and drive an anchor into the bottom of the net to complete.

・Firmly fix the fence net so that it will not be blown away by strong winds, etc.
・Keep away from fire as it will burn.
- A fiber net that simply prevents animals from entering.

・Depending on the type and condition of the animal, there is a danger of (breaking through, jumping over).
・Do not lean against the net or lean against it.

Assembly method

Product specifications

防鳥ネット 1.8m×1.8m
目合 30mm×30mm
支柱 1.8m×8本
付属品 SLP支柱×8本、SLP支柱用杭×4本、防鳥ネット1.8m角×5枚、キューブブロック×4個、ジョイントキャップ×12個、ネット取付用ボルト×12本、アンカー杭×8本、SGケーブルタイ(100本入)×1袋、入口用パイプ×1本、入口用ロープ×2本、支柱用杭打込み用ボルト×1本

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