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Nishiden electric fence rope (electric wire)

Nishiden electric fence rope (electric wire)


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It is a fence wire (strand wire) that conducts electricity for an electric fence. It has a structure in which stainless steel wire is woven into a nylon cord.

There are 3 types and 6 types of woven stainless steel wires. The 3-prong type has excellent cost performance, while the 6-prong type reduces the risk of disconnection and has high conductivity.

Calculation example of required number of materials

1 number of struts = perimeter length / spacing between struts
2 Number of insulators = number of struts x number of steps
3 Electric wire = perimeter x number of layers
4 Gate clip = number of stages x installed entrance/exit location
5 Danger board 1 piece for 50m to 100m

For example, if the circumference is 140m and there are 2 steps, 3m intervals, and 1 entrance/exit,
● Number of props → 140 ÷ 3 = about 47 ● Electric fence cord → 140 m × 2 = 280 m
● Number of insulators → 47 × 2 = 94 ● Entrance gate → 2

How to install an electric fence
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