Explain the mechanism of solar electric fence and three advantages

Electric fences are effective in preventing wild animals from entering the fields. In particular, the solar type has high cost performance and is useful in the field of animal damage control. This time, I will explain the mechanism and benefits of the solar electric fence. If you are considering buying a solar electric fence, please refer to it.

Electric fence aims to instill 'psychological fear' against wild animals

According to a report released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the annual damage to crops by wild animals is about 15.5 billion yen (2021). The amount of damage is still at a high level, and thorough measures to protect the fields are required.

Electric fences are one of the most popular methods of pest control. Fields are surrounded by energized fence wires, and the electric shocks you get when you touch the fence prevent wild animals from entering. The aim is not to exterminate wild animals, but to instill "psychological fear" from electric shocks and keep them away from the fields.

3 advantages of solar electric fence

Electric fences have several types of power sources for energizing the fence wires, one of which is the solar type.

Type of electric fence

Power supply method

solar powered

Uses power generated by solar panels

battery operated

Powered by built-in battery

Dry battery type

Uses battery power

External power supply type

Uses house outlet or car battery

The solar type has a solar panel attached to the top of the electric fence, and the electricity generated by the sun is used to energize the fence and give an electric shock. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of solar electric fences.

1. Excellent cost performance

The first is its excellent cost performance.
Solar-powered electric fences are a little more expensive than other types. However, since solar panels can be used to generate and supply electricity, running costs can be reduced. With other types, regular replacement of the built-in battery and dry cell is expensive, but with a solar type, there is no replacement cost.
In the long run, the burden of the initial cost can be recovered, and it is excellent in cost performance.

2. Reduce the risk of blackouts

The second is to reduce the risk of power outages.
As introduced in Merit 1, batteries and dry cell batteries need to be replaced when the battery wears out. If you forget to replace it carelessly, the battery will run out, and electricity will not flow = no electricity.
The purpose of the electric fence is not to get rid of wild animals, but to instill "psychological fear" and keep them away. If you are invaded even once when the power is off, the fear will be reduced and the effectiveness of the electric fence will be reduced.
On the other hand, if it is a solar type, there is no need to replace the battery, and there is no need to worry about power failure in an environment where sunlight can be secured properly.

3. Compatible with other batteries

The third is that it can be used with other batteries.
(Because it may not be possible to use both depending on the main unit model number of each manufacturer, please check at the time of purchase.)
A weak point of the solar system is that it cannot generate electricity in places where sunlight cannot be secured or when bad weather continues. Even if you check the amount of sunlight in advance, if the lack of sunlight continues, it may affect the power supply. In order to compensate for these weaknesses, solar-powered products that can be used in combination with other batteries are on sale. For example, if the power generated by the solar power is insufficient, it will automatically switch to a dry cell or internal battery to provide stable power. You can safely install an electric fence.

Check the power generation capacity before purchasing

Before purchasing a solar-powered electric fence, check its power generation capacity.
For example, 5W solar panels are common for compact solar electric fences. It is suitable for operating electric fences only at night, but there are concerns about power shortages when operating day and night, or when operating during the rainy season or heavy snowfall.
If such a situation is assumed, choose a solar panel with a large amount of power generation of about 12W. With this, there is no problem even if it is a specification for continuous day and night (* It depends on the installation conditions). Also, if you use a battery that is not recommended by the manufacturer, please be aware that the output of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery may not be compatible.


This time, I explained the mechanism and benefits of the solar electric fence. The solar electric fence generates electricity using the solar panel attached to the top of the main body and supplies electricity to the frame line. The main unit price is slightly higher than the battery type and the battery built-in type, but it can reduce the cost of battery replacement because it can generate stable power in a sunny environment.
In the long run, there will be significant benefits in terms of running costs. In addition, depending on the type of product, if the power generation of the solar panel is insufficient, there are types that automatically switch to dry cells or internal batteries, so you can avoid power interruptions, so please choose based on the usage environment.
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