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Yamato Noji Fertilizer Spreader Green Thumper V Type

Yamato Noji Fertilizer Spreader Green Thumper V Type

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A standard fertilizer spreader that pursues ease of use and satisfaction by repeating many improvements to the king pipe based on the attention to the spreading surface.
● Granular, powdery, and pelletized fertilizers can be sprayed
Effective spraying is achieved with a dedicated pipe that matches the spraying method (whole surface spraying / streak)
●King pipe type II is attached exclusively for full-surface spraying. Can be spread evenly and evenly in the middle of the left and right. There is no loss during spraying. Pellet fertilizer can be spread.
●Improved streak-specific pipes and are equipped as standard equipment.

・King pipe type II (dedicated for full-surface spraying. 20% lighter than the conventional type and excellent uniform spraying ability)
・Special pipe for streak (granular, powder, and pellet fertilizer can be sprayed)
・Green hand (Equipped with a cutter that is convenient for opening the fertilizer bag)
・Mouth mesh (prevents the injection of hardened fertilizer)

Product specifications

重量 1.9kg
容量 30L

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