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Aidek pruner hedge trimmer 2.0Ah battery elex BHT600-201

Aidek pruner hedge trimmer 2.0Ah battery elex BHT600-201

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1. high power
A large capacity 58V battery realizes high power workability.

2. Zero engine noise and exhaust emissions
Stress-free because there is no engine noise and no exhaust gas. You can work without hesitation in early morning work near private houses or in places where noise and exhaust gas are a concern, such as schools, hospitals, government offices, parks, and residential areas.

3. Quick start with easy operation
It can be started and stopped without extra effort and is easy to use. Don't worry if you are not good at operating machines.

Four. Economic
It's battery operated so no fuel is required. No troublesome maintenance is required even for long-term storage.

Five. Product specs that satisfy professional users
・Stable work performance
Achieves high cutting performance with a stable blade stroke number of 1,350 to 1,650 rpm. The maximum cutting diameter is 27mm, which is a spec that satisfies even professional users.

・Handle shape and angle variable mechanism pursuing workability
Optimal weight balance design with excellent operability. You can work comfortably with the loop handle that allows you to freely change the holding position according to the work. It is comfortable to hold and has a structure that does not cause fatigue even when working for a long time. The hand can be handled freely by the angle variable mechanism.

・Hedge cutter with easy-to-handle cutting width
Easy-to-handle cutting width for efficient pruning. The cutter part is processed with a three-sided blade for smooth cutting, and the sharpness lasts extremely long. *When not working, you can safely store and carry the included blade cover.

・The high-performance battery is a cassette type and can be easily replaced.
Maintenance-free brushless motors ensure longer run times and product life. A lightweight 2.0Ah battery is ideal for use with hedge trimmers. The cassette type is easy to remove, and there is no hassle in charging after use.

Product specifications

全長×全幅×全高(mm) 1000x210x200
本体質量(kg) 4.9
刈幅(mm) 550
最大切断径(mm) 27
ストローク数(rpm) 1350~1650
付属品 バッテリー・充電器

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