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Idec Lawn Mower, Rotating Scissors, Mower, Both Handles, 2.0 Ah Battery, BBH800CU-201

Idec Lawn Mower, Rotating Scissors, Mower, Both Handles, 2.0 Ah Battery, BBH800CU-201

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・It is safe because the rotation speed is reduced to a safe area.
Super Karma elex is a mechanism to reduce the motor speed. Low speed rotation greatly improves safety. Weeds can be cut efficiently by generating powerful torque and rotating the top and bottom blades in reverse.

・Equipped with speed control function!
Super Calmer elex uses a highly flexible system that allows stepless adjustment of the motor speed (0 to 9500rpm), so you can adjust the speed according to the work scene.

・You can control the usage time!
The rotational torque required by the Kalmer occurs in the mid-to-high rev range for the engine. On the other hand, in the case of motors, torque is generated from the low rotation range, so there are characteristics that are advantageous for using Karma. Super Calmer elex has a wider range of speed control than the engine, so it can be used for a long time depending on the adjustment of the rotation speed.

・You can control the noise level!
Depending on the work site, noise control may be the top priority. In the case of the engine brush cutter, the noise level is high because the Kalmer rotates in the high rotation range due to the torque characteristics. On the other hand, in the case of motors, work can be performed in the low speed range, so it is possible to keep the noise level low.

・The Kalmar head can be attached to your existing engine!
The Super Calmer head can be attached to an engine brush cutter as an attachment.
*In the unlikely event that the battery runs out of charge and it is not possible to secure a power supply for recharging, or in a site where there is no problem with the engine, you can use Super Calmer by attaching it to your engine brush cutter.
Please experience the difference in the characteristics of the motor and the engine.
*The optional "mounting kit" is required for mounting to the engine brush cutter.

・Effective for measures against compensation accidents caused by stepping stones
When mowing grass in parking lots, around roads, and in residential areas, conventional metal blades can break the glass of cars and buildings due to stepping stones generated due to high-speed rotation. Super Calmer elex can prevent accidents by "deceleration rotating scissors type".

・Don't worry if you are not good at operating machines
For those who couldn't use the engine type because it was difficult to start and operate, Super Calmer elex can be used like a home appliance. It can be started and stopped simply by turning on the power and operating the lever, making it easy to use.

・People who are worried about the dangers of conventional high-speed rotating blades can rest assured.
The conventional metal blade rotates at high speed, and even those who were afraid of kickback and could not use it can rest assured with Super Calmer elex. Kickback is greatly suppressed, so it can be actively used in places with many obstacles or when cutting corners.

Product specifications

ハンドル仕様 両手ハンドル
重量(kg) 6.2(両手)
全長×全幅×全高(mm) 1830×770×370
付属品 バッテリー・充電器・肩掛けバンド・飛散保護カバー・工具セット(トルクスレンチ.その他)

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