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Koshin KOSHIN Smart Koshin Rechargeable Hedge Trimmer SHT-1820

Koshin KOSHIN Smart Koshin Rechargeable Hedge Trimmer SHT-1820

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With lock function to prevent malfunction
There are anti-malfunction buttons on both sides whether you are right-handed or left-handed. In addition, it is a safe start that does not operate unless you hold it with both hands.

A special blade shape that is easy to cut without missing branches, even though it is difficult to injure
Since the cutting edge of the blade is rounded, it is a safe design that will not hurt your hand even if you accidentally bring it close.

Equipped with motor burn-in protection function
Equipped with a protection function that stops if the motor temperature rises during work.

● Powerful cutting. powerful pruning.
Maximum cutting branch diameter 18mm! When fully charged, a fence with a height of 1m can be cut up to 100m!


Product specifications

モーター ブラシモーター
バッテリー種類 リチウムイオン
電圧 DC 18V
バッテリー容量 2.0Ah
充電時間 約60分(※気温やバッテリーの充電残量などにより異なります。)
運転時間(満充電無負荷) 約50分
刈込幅 350mm
ストローク数 1200min-1
最大切断径(木材) 18mm
本体サイズ 805×185×180mm
本体重量 2.7kg(※バッテリーなど付属品含む。)
付属品 ブレード・ブレードケース
バッテリー・充電器 18Vバッテリー・急速充電器

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