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Wako Shoji belt type compressor WS-40TM (2 cylinders)

Wako Shoji belt type compressor WS-40TM (2 cylinders)

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A compressor that can be used for various purposes depending on how it is used.
Air is quickly filled with 2 cylinders.
The new aluminum cylinder and crankcase realized a light and durable exterior.
In addition, you can use it with confidence because it uses a belt type that is less likely to break down.
Easy to move around with front and rear tires (4 wheels).
As a ratchet wrench for checking tire pressure, airbrushing.
Also for painting work, DIY work, spraying plastic models and roofs.
Furthermore, every use including the jack up spreads.


Product specifications

質量 43kg
電源AC AC100V50/60
電流値 50/60A
吐出量 128/147L/分
使用圧力 8kg/cm3
タンク容量 39.5リットル
サイズ(幅x奥行x高さ) 83x30x62cm

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