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Hitachi Compressor (lubricated) PBD-1.5MN

Hitachi Compressor (lubricated) PBD-1.5MN

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Remotely monitor the bebicon on site with a smart device.
・You can see the operation status of Bebicon even if you are far away!
・Notify smart devices when an abnormality occurs
・Monitor all connected Bebicons with a single smart device


Product specifications

型式 PBD-1.5MNB6
出力(kW) 1.5
相及び電源電圧(V/Hz) 3φ200/220V60Hz
最高圧力(MPa) 0.93
制御圧力(on-off MPa) 0.78-0.93
吐出し空気量(L/min) 165
空気出口(止め弁出口) Rc3/8止め弁×1
内蔵空気タンク容積 35L
外観寸法(幅×奥行き×高さ)(mm) 745×620×1,150mm
質量(kg) 151kg

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