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Sashinami Seisakusho Vegetable Washer T-27 (without motor)

Sashinami Seisakusho Vegetable Washer T-27 (without motor)

Build-to-order manufacturing
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This is a cleaning method in which the crop is inserted between two rotating brushes, upper and lower.
A hose from tap water is inserted into the upper top plate water supply port of the washing machine, and water is constantly supplied for washing.
Please specify the brush suitable for the target crop when ordering. (0.15mm~0.7mm)
Ideal for washing radishes, carrots, burdock roots, Chinese yam, spinach, green onions, turnips, ginger leaves, etc.
*The T-27 model does not come with a motor.

vegetable washing machine

*As this is a made-to-order product, it will take about 6 weeks to manufacture.

Product specifications

型式 T-27型
機体寸法(長さ×幅×高さ)(mm) 660×550×1010mm
ブラシ有効巾(mm) 240
ブラシ線径 0.15mm~0.7mm

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