Easy transportation! Explain the features of electric unicycles (wheelbarrows)

電気によるアシスト機能 一輪車

Unicycles (cat carts, wheelbarrows) are widely used for agricultural and civil engineering work, as well as various transportation tasks.

By switching to electric power, the work load can be greatly reduced.

Characteristics of electric unicycle (wheelbarrow)

As you know, a unicycle is a push cart with one wheel on the front, and it is also called a "handcart" or "nekoguruma".

It takes a lot of effort to carry it by hand, but it is useful for carrying things that do not require heavy machinery. Especially suitable for transportation work in places where vehicles cannot enter.

Unicycles are usually pushed by hand, but the electric type is gaining popularity because it makes the work easier. A battery-powered electric motor assists the rotation of the tires, so much less power is required to carry a large amount of luggage at once.

In addition, since it is an electric type rather than an engine type, it is quiet and can be used safely in residential areas and at night.

Not only for agricultural work, but also for transporting birds and animals

Light vehicles are often used in agricultural work and construction sites where heavy goods are often transported, but unless they have a dedicated carrier, light vehicles are not good at transporting particulate matter such as soil and sand.

In addition, there are many areas where it is difficult for cars to enter in forests and fields. A unicycle is very useful at such a site, but manual pushing is a heavy burden and takes a lot of time.

In that respect, the electric unicycle greatly reduces the transportation work with the assist function. It is easy to use even for women and elderly people, and can improve work efficiency. Customers who have actually purchased it have said that it is useful not only for transporting agricultural products, snow removal work, but also for transporting firewood outdoors.

In addition to the general uses mentioned above, some people also use it to carry their catch from the mountains to their car. Wild boars and deer are quite heavy, so it takes a lot of effort to transport them in the mountains by hand, but using an electric unicycle can reduce the effort.

However, since it is an Akuma unicycle, it is necessary to pay attention to the left and right balance when loading luggage, and it is necessary to keep in mind that it is not an electric vehicle, so it does not have excellent running performance on rough roads.

Types of electric unicycles

There are two main types of electric unicycles.

1. Integrated

The integrated type is a type in which an electric function is installed in the unicycle itself. Even in the market, it is sold under the name of "electric unicycle" or "rechargeable carrier". Depending on the product type and standard, you can choose the load capacity, bed type (bucket or pipe frame), battery operating time, etc., and you can choose according to the application.

2. mounted

It is a type that purchases an electric assist kit set and attaches it to the unicycle that you usually use. The kit includes a special tire with a built-in motor, a battery, a controller bag, etc. Most unicycles with standard tire standards can be installed, so you can easily electrify a familiar unicycle.

Points to consider when choosing an electric unicycle

Some products are vulnerable to bad roads, mud, and ups and downs. In most cases, the running speed, maximum load capacity, hill-climbing performance (the size of the slope that can be climbed), etc. are listed on the sales page, etc., so it is a good idea to check the running performance in advance.

In addition, let's check the operating time of the battery and the size of the vehicle (whether it is suitable for the work environment) in the case of an integrated type in advance. Also, in the case of an attached electric unicycle, check the size of your unicycle and be sure to check whether the vehicle can be attached.

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