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PVC pipe set for tying traps

PVC pipe set for tying traps

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It plays the role of storing the compressed push spring when compressing the push spring of the tying trap. *In consideration of work efficiency when replacing springs and wires, the cap and cylinder are not glued together.

A protective tube that houses the spring of the tying trap.

◯ A set of PVC pipes with a diameter of Φ13 mm to hold the springs of the tying traps.

◯ Easier to set up than when the spring is exposed.

◯ You can prevent soil and grass from getting caught in the spring during operation, and reduce the pain of the spring after capture.

◯ When pushing in the spring, be sure to hold the cap and push it in (see the video for how to push in).

We also sell replacement trap parts.

The treads can be used many times as long as they do not break, but the parts used for the springs are consumables. We also sell replacement parts starting from 1 piece.

Components of a tying trap

We also recommend a self- made kit that is a bargain with each component set.
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Product specifications

長さ 短手17cm、長手32cm
備考 巻きバネ径最大13mm未満に対応
素材 ポリ塩化ビニル

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