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Rain roof for trail camera security box

Rain roof for trail camera security box

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The No. 1 cause of failure of automatic shooting cameras is flooding inside the camera during heavy rain or typhoons.

The rain roof for the security box can be attached directly to the security box (sold separately).

The rain roof for camera is a product to protect the automatic shooting camera from rain and snow. Many of the automatic shooting cameras are designed for outdoor use, but there are no models that are completely waterproof, only simple waterproof. Using the automatic camera in conjunction with the camera rain roof can help significantly reduce water damage to the automatic camera.

Install it on the automatic shooting camera with the attached strap.

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Product specifications

対応機種 TREL(トレル)シリーズ 20J/18J-D/10J-C/30J-C(※)TREL(トレル)3G-H/4G-H/4G-R用セキュリティボックスには対応していません。
付属品 取付ネジおよびナット2組

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