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Polyethylene/stainless fence wire for electric fence Tiger

Polyethylene/stainless fence wire for electric fence Tiger

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Unlike humans, wild boars cannot distinguish between red and green colors, and can only perceive blue and purple colors. In addition, although they have a keen sense of smell, they have weak eyesight, so it is effective to use blue stranded wires to make the electric fences more visible to wild boars. *Electric fences aim to have a psychological repellent effect using the fear of electric shocks, so it is necessary to make animals firmly aware that there is a fence line.

This product is blue and highly visible to wild boars, and is designed to effectively deliver electric shocks by weaving polyethylene wire and stainless steel wire in a special way. In addition, it is a relatively soft type of fence wire, and can be easily installed and removed.

Regarding the number of stainless steel wires

braided stainless steel wire

○ The fence wire of the electric fence is not conductive as a whole, but the stainless steel wire woven inside is conductive.

○Electric shock occurs when the beast touches the part where the stainless steel wire is exposed on the surface of the fence wire.

○The greater the number of woven stainless steel wires, the better the electrical conductivity, so the electric shock can be applied effectively. On the other hand, the higher the number, the higher the price due to the higher manufacturing cost.

○In the case of this product, 6 or 8 stainless steel wires are woven into the product, making it a type with better conductivity than other products.

○The 6-pin type is enough to give a shock, but if you want to strengthen the effect, please choose the 8-pin type.

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