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Solar-powered mole countermeasure repellent device

Solar-powered mole countermeasure repellent device





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Just insert it into the ground near the path of the mole. It is a simple and handy anti-mole product!

Repels underground moles and land rats with sonic vibrations

Repel moles with sound waves!

○ Moles have degenerated vision, but on the other hand, they have highly developed hearing, and they are sensitive to sound waves transmitted underground. By emitting sound waves, this product exerts a repelling effect by making people feel fear and vigilance against moles and mice in the ground.

○ Sound wave vibration is transmitted to a range of about 9 meters in radius, and it is effective.

○Since the solar panel charges the battery with solar energy and operates, installation is easy and there are no utility costs. Installation is completed just by inserting it into the ground.

○ Unlike chemicals, it is harmless to humans, animals and plants. Recommended for flower beds, lawns, fields, golf courses, etc.

Installation method & precautions

Mechanism of mole repellent device

○ When using for the first time after opening, turn the switch to "OFF" and expose the solar part to sunlight (about 10 hours on a sunny day, about 20 hours or more if the sunlight is weak).

○After assembly is complete, insert the embedded pipe into the ground. Please insert deeply to the position of about 2 cm from the top of the embedded pipe.

○ Install it vertically on a wide main road where moles are active (mole does not move to narrow branch roads or old roads). At the beginning of installation, moles may become active as they search for escape places underground, but the effect will appear in 1 to 2 weeks.

○The waterproof grade is IPX4. Please note that there is a risk of failure due to submersion etc.

Product specifications

全長 25cm
ソーラー部サイズ 71.5mm×71.5mm
重量 約82g
電池電圧 1.2V
素材 ABS
電源 太陽光発電
有効距離 水平9.77m(天候と環境により前後します)
防測角度 110℃(水平)
防水等級 IPX4
周波数 400〜1000hz

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