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mole trap

mole trap






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A scissors-type trap for catching moles. You can easily set it by holding the grip and hooking the pin.

Fundamentally solve the damage by capturing.

〇 Place it near the tunnel, and when the mole touches the mechanism, it will operate and pinch and capture.

〇As long as it does not break, it can be used repeatedly.

〇 You can increase the capture rate by setting up more than one.

〇 Weight: about 310g, material: metal, size (about): 10.2cm x 7.4cm x 22cm

〇Set so that the center of the trap is slightly deeper. Try to set it along the hole so that it can not pass through the side.


〇 First, look for the tunnel made by the mole. Look for "mole mounds", the marks left by the soil being pushed up to the ground when they built their nests, and the bumps in the ground when they burrow into the shallow ground.

〇 If you dig the above place, you will find a tunnel. After flattening all the tracks that the moles have traveled, if there are any traces that remain on the next day, that is the "hondo". The main road is frequented by moles, so they can be effectively captured. In the case of side roads, moles rarely pass through, so the trapping efficiency decreases.

〇 Because moles have a well-developed sense of smell, they may be wary of traps and avoid them. Wear gloves during installation.

〇 If you grab a captured mole by hand, it may bite you. Please be careful.

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