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Once you get a hunting license, you feel like you're going to hunt with all your might! In order to hunt using hunting gear (charge gun hunting, air gun hunting, trap hunting, net hunting), you must complete a procedure called "hunter registration" for each prefecture where you will be hunting and pay a hunting tax. It won't.

If you are getting your license for the first time this year, please read it.

Flow of hunter registration

The time to start accepting hunter registrations varies depending on the prefecture, but it starts around August to September. At the time of application, submit the required documents and pay the hunting tax according to the hunting license category.

Submission of required documents

For hunter registration, submit the following four documents to the hunting office. Since the window and fees differ depending on the prefecture, be sure to check in advance with the department in charge of the prefecture to which you are applying. If you hunt in more than one prefecture, the following documents must be submitted for each prefecture.

Please note that the procedure may differ depending on whether you live in the prefecture where you apply or live outside the prefecture. If you are a member of the hunting club, you can apply for registration on behalf of the hunting club.

Also, even if you apply for registration in a prefecture other than where you live, you may be able to get the hunting association to act on your behalf, so if you are a member, it would be a good idea to check.

1. Hunter registration application

For hunter registration, submit a hunter registration application to the hunting office. The format of the hunter registration application form is almost the same nationwide (Reference: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment website ).

a) address, name, date of birth

Fill in the application date, address, name, and date of birth of the person to be registered.

In addition, prepare 2 ID photos of 3 cm in length x 2.4 cm in width (taken within the first half year of application, without a hat, in front of you, with no background. * Your name and the date of the photo are written on the back). and paste one of them on the application form.

It should be noted that an application form is required for each type of hunting license. For example, if you have three types of licenses for nets, traps, and first-class hunting guns, and you want to register as a hunter for any of them, you will need three application forms and two ID photos (2 x 3) for a total of six. Become.

b) Type of hunting license, type of hunting equipment used, number and date of issue of hunting license
Enter the type of hunting license, the type of hunting equipment to be used, the prefecture where the license was obtained, the hunting license number and the date of issue.
c) Hunting gun license number, etc.
Enter the registrant's gun possession permit number, date of issue, occupation, and other relevant information.

2. Hunting Diploma (License)

First of all, if you do not have a hunting license, you cannot register as a hunter. A hunting license must also be submitted when applying for registration. Depending on the prefecture, there are three patterns: (1) submit the original, (2) submit the reissued one for hunter registration, and (3) present it directly.

Please check with the department in charge of the prefecture to which you are applying to find out which pattern will be used.

3. Proof of ability to compensate for damages (capable of guaranteeing 30 million yen or more)

It is also necessary to submit documents proving that insurance of 30 million yen or more is possible, and it will be one of A to C below.

A) Certificate of being a beneficiary of the mutual aid business of the Japan Hunting Association

B) Certificate of being insured by liability insurance (hunter insurance*, etc.)

C) Certificate of financial credit equivalent to the above (fixed asset certificate, balance certificate, etc. that proves assets of 30 million yen or more)

※Hunter insurance

Hunter insurance is an insurance that assumes that you hurt yourself or others while hunting. Insurance for damage to hunting equipment and self-injury accidents is also included, but the terms differ depending on the insurance company.

Depending on the content of the compensation, the premium is about several thousand yen. Assuming the worst case of a fatal accident, it is possible to enter both the hunting association mutual aid and hunter insurance.

4. Registration Fee/Hunting Tax

Hunting taxes vary depending on the hunting category. A separate fee will be charged. Fees and hunting taxes must be paid for each registered prefecture.

The payment method differs depending on the prefecture, such as purchasing a hunting tax certificate stamp (income certificate stamp) and attaching it to the hunter registration application form and submitting it, or paying in cash at the reception desk of the department in charge. Fees and hunting taxes must be paid for each registered prefecture.

hunting tax

・In the case of first-class gun hunting: 16,500 yen (11,000 yen for those who do not need to pay income percent of prefectural tax)

・In the case of second-class gun hunting: 5,500 yen

・Trap hunting or net hunting: 8,200 yen

1,800 yen *May vary by prefecture. In addition, the hunting tax is not levied on certified wildlife capture business operators who have been entrusted with a designated management wildlife capture business, and hunting tax may be reduced for those who capture wildlife for the purpose of managing wildlife. .

After applying for hunter registration

Within a few weeks after applying for hunter registration, you will receive a hunter registration card, hunter badge (hunter badge), location map of wildlife sanctuaries (hunter map), etc. from the prefectural government.

hunter registration card

It proves that you are a hunter in the registered prefecture (click here for the form). The registration card contains a registration number, which is, for example, printed on the traps that are set. The registration certificate will be returned to the prefecture when the hunting season is over.

Hunter Insignia (Hunter Badge)

It is a pin badge with the registered prefecture name. The colors differ depending on the hunting category: blue (class 1 hunting license), green (class 2 hunting license), red (trap hunting), and yellow (net hunting).

By the way, if you accidentally lose your registration card or badge, you can have it reissued by completing the necessary procedures at the relevant prefectural office. It must be posted at all times while hunting, and is generally worn in a conspicuous place, such as a hat or vest. It is not necessary to return the Hunter Badge.

Location Map of Wildlife Reserves (Hunter Map)

This is a map that clarifies places such as wildlife reserves and areas where the use of specific hunting gear is prohibited. Always make sure that the location you plan to hunt is allowed.


Hunter registration is quite a troublesome task if you apply by yourself, but it is always necessary for hunting. Even if the hunting season starts, you will not be able to hunt unless you have registered as a hunter.

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