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Rat trap (nezumitoriki)

Rat trap (nezumitoriki)

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It is a simple spring-type rat trap. A strong and sensitive spring catches rats instantly and keeps them.

Easy to install and can handle a lot

〇Set up in places where rats frequently appear, places where feces are falling, feeding places, etc.

〇 Open the mouth of the main body as much as possible by operating it like a clothespin, and place the food in the food container (the round hole in the photo) in the mouth to complete the set.

〇 After capturing, you can put it in a bag and dispose of it.

〇 Rats are cautious and learning animals, so various measures may be necessary. This product is also recommended if you have tried other methods and the effect is getting weaker.

〇 Uses a very strong spring. Never let children touch it. It is necessary to inform people who may approach the area about the trap in advance and never touch it.

〇When setting the trap, be careful not to touch the open mouth of the trap directly with your hands or fingers. To avoid accidentally pinching your hand, be sure to place the food between the chopsticks when placing the food.

rat trap
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