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Commercial mouse trap seesaw catch

Commercial mouse trap seesaw catch

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An extremely effective mouse trap (with original lure bait) devised by an expert with 50 years of mouse extermination experience. In the case of commercially available adhesive sheets, other mice can see the mouse that has been caught, so other mice will not try to get on it. With this product, the captured mice are invisible, so you can capture them one after another ( see this video ). It is easy to dispose of because it can be disposed of with combustible garbage while it is covered with rats.

Easy assembly

Easy assembly and easy installation

Align the numbers printed on the body of high-quality paper, which is resistant to moisture, and fold it to complete. Find a passageway for mice and place it in a level and stable place as much as possible.

Adhesive sheet

Long-lasting adhesive sheet inside

Set the attached adhesive sheet (with attracting powder) inside. The adhesive part has a structure that prevents dust and dirt from sticking, so it can be used for a long time without losing its adhesive strength.

Poi as it is after capturing

Poi as it is after capture

It is hygienic because it can be disposed of as combustible waste without seeing the captured mice. Even those who are not good at seeing mice can use it with confidence.

Introducing Mr. Ikuo Moribe, the leading expert in exterminating rats

Case of catching rats

He is a legendary master of rodent extermination.

With our unique technology for removing and catching nests, which are the source of rats, we have achieved complete extermination even in projects that major extermination companies have given up on, with the motto of creating an environment where rats do not inhabit.

For example, at one of Japan's leading theme parks, a major exterminator was commissioned to exterminate rats, but was unable to completely eradicate the rats, only capturing a few hundred rats in three months. So, Mr. Moribe and his apprentice started exterminating about 2,600 in one day. We have a track record of catching more than 9,000 in one month and achieving complete extermination.

As a first-class architect, he analyzes buildings with his unique knowledge and know-how, and by identifying the reasons for the occurrence of rats that cannot be clarified by other companies, he is working hard every day to achieve complete rat-free operation and prevent recurrence.

Recommended for customers who:

Rats, which occur in urban areas such as restaurants and buildings, have a high learning ability and have the vitality to survive in poor environments. The seesaw catch is designed to be highly effective in various commercial facilities, buildings, offices, ceremony halls, restaurants, etc., considering the ecology of such mice.

Property owner

Property owner

Rats can easily enter even narrow gaps that humans are not usually aware of. The damage cannot be reduced unless the source is identified and eliminated. The seesaw catch can be caught efficiently and the unit price is low, so it is possible to eliminate it by mass introduction.

Building management company

Building management company

If you are a management company that is in trouble after receiving a report from a tenant that a mouse has appeared in the room you are renting, please contact us. If you have a contractor that you regularly use, please let us know the details of the installation and we will propose the best installation method for this product.

Various tenants

Various tenants and exterminators

The rat problem that can have a huge negative impact on a store's reputation. Elimination should be carried out early, as they are likely already nesting. If you are going to take measures by yourself, it is a good idea to set up 2-3 places where there is feces and see how it goes for about 10 days.

Completely eradicate rat damage from your property! Please contact us if you have any concerns about buildings and large facilities.

floor plan

In addition to the appropriate introduction method of the seesaw catch, it is also possible to estimate and propose extermination. The amount will vary depending on the building structure, size, and the content of the extermination work, so please fill in the following information on this form and contact us.

・Location and details of damage ・Building age ・Usage status of building (e.g. presence of restaurants and level)
・Structure (e.g. reinforced concrete structure)
・A floor plan (for 1 floor) if available

★Kyushu, Kansai, Aichi and Kanto regions can be supported especially quickly.

Seesaw catch features and usage tips

◯ It is a paper mouse trap that is easy to assemble. The high-quality paper is resistant to humidity and lasts a long time. It can also be installed for a long period of time as a provision for intrusion prevention.

◯ You can use it repeatedly by replacing the adhesive sheet, and you can also dispose of the trap as it is without looking at the mouse.

◯ 2 original lures and 1 sticky sheet impregnated with the scent that rats like are included.

◯ Set the adhesive sheet after installing the lure bait, and assemble it by matching the numbers on the main body, and you are ready to install.

◯ Install it in places where rats often pass, such as places with a lot of feces, above wiring, and where the ceiling is partially low. If you catch one mouse, the barking of the mouse will attract other mice and you can catch them one after another.

Product specifications

大きさ 幅80mm×高さ180mm×奥行335mm(組立後)
材質 湿気に強い上質紙
備考 オリジナル誘引餌・誘引匂い付粘着シートが付属
注意 できるだけ水平な安定した場所に設置してください。

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