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For transporting live-caught prey. Excellent durability Sanko Sunslider

For transporting live-caught prey. Excellent durability Sanko Sunslider

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When you catch a wild boar or deer in the mountains, you often have to carry it out to your car. In the case of heavy prey, it is difficult to carry it out.

This is where sleds come into play. This product is manufactured by Sanko, the No. 1 manufacturer of plastic logistics, and because it has a depth, it is suitable for transporting large prey or if it is caught alive. The external size is 1485mm x 850mm x 210mm . Not only can it be used as a useful item for hunting, but it can also be used for carrying luggage on the snow, such as for smelt fishing. If it is difficult to transport human power, it is also an ant to use it in combination with a winch.

In addition, if you are looking for a size that is inexpensive and easy to handle, we recommend the "Jumbo Sleigh" .

Bits of knowledge about the game drawer

◯ Pulling from the place where you captured it to the car is called "drawing".

◯ If you catch it higher than where you parked the car, it will be easier to pull it out because it will be downhill, but if it is lower than the parking place, it will be uphill, so if the slope is steep, it will take a lot of effort to pull it out. Become. Therefore, sleds like this product are widely used.

◯ It is recommended that you choose a sled that is as durable as possible, as it may be dragged on asphalt or concrete as well as in the mountains.

◯ As shown at the beginning of the video, it is also useful for transporting luggage on snow such as smelt fishing.

Product specifications

サイズ 1485mm×850mm×210mm
材質 PE(ポリエチレン)

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