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SCHRADE folding scoop SCHSH1 1055 carbon steel

SCHRADE folding scoop SCHSH1 1055 carbon steel

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A shovel (shovel) is one of the necessities for box traps and tie traps. It is an indispensable item not only for digging holes for setting traps, but also for spreading bait for box traps and leveling the ground when setting box traps. It is also useful for burying residues (internal organs after dismantling in the mountains).

Adjustable extendable handle with sharp and durable blade edge for cutting narrow roots and twigs. It can be folded and used as a hammer.
We also have REPSGEAR 's small folding scoop that can be folded compactly and is easy to carry, and CONDOR 's scoop that can be used as a hoe.

*See the video on the right for details. The audio is in English, so please watch with subtitles.

Adjustable sharp blade scoop

adjustable length

Adjustable length in 4 steps

You can change the length of the handle in 4 stages from about 25cm to nearly 50cm. It can be adjusted according to the situation, such as shortening the handle when doing detailed work and lengthening the handle when digging a hole with force.

become a hammer

Can be used as a hammer

You can fold the scoop part and use it as a hammer. It is also useful for camping, such as driving tent stakes. If you do not fold the scoop completely and fix it in a right angle state, you can use it like a hoe.

sharp edges

Sharp edge allows you to cut twigs

The sharp and strong edge of the blade allows you to dig through dense grass, roots and twigs. It comes with a dedicated sheath with a built-in plastic panel, so it is safe to carry.

Manufacturer introduction: SCHRADE


Schrade was founded in 1892 by George Shrade, who has roots in England, as the Press Button Knife Company. Schrade was established in New York in 1904 after merging five American knife manufacturers. A long-established knife maker that has been in business for over 100 years, the factory was temporarily suspended due to financial difficulties.

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Product specifications

オープン時(最長) 約490mm
クローズ時 約255mm
ブレード長(縦×横) 約185 x 132mm
刃厚 約2mm
重量(スコップのみ) 約907g
ブレード材 1055炭素鋼
付属品 専用シース

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