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Assembled hanger for dismantling Hunter hanger

Assembled hanger for dismantling Hunter hanger





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Easy-to-carry demolition tool

About box trap delivery

◎ It is an easy-to-carry dismantling tool that can dismantle prey anywhere. Installation takes only about 2 minutes. It is lightweight, so it is easy to handle even for women and elderly people. It is especially recommended for those who want to stick to the freshness and cleanliness of meat .

◎ Ingenuity is given everywhere so that the dismantling process after the stop stabbing can be done easily even by one person. The principle of a pulley makes it possible to lightly pull up even large prey, and sanitarily dismantle it without touching the ground. A hanger, a pulley, and a suspension arm are one set. *Do not use for birds and beasts over 100 kg.

◎ With its compact design, it can be carried and assembled by one person, and can be easily loaded onto a vehicle.

◎ If there are no supports such as trees around, it is also possible to use them as supports by purchasing a single pipe pipe or the like separately at a home center or the like.

Part names and functions

All-in-one with hanger, pulley and suspension arm

Part names and functions

Hanger & pulley (hanger lock system)

When lifted all the way up, the upper pulley and the hanger pulley engage, making it difficult for the hanger to move, allowing for stable dismantling.

Hanger & pulley (hanger lock system)

rope stopper system

Equipped with a small rope stopper system that supports the weight of the prey. The prey will not fall even if you let go of the rope. The stopper can be released with one push, and it is easy to unload the prey.

Installation procedure

fixed to a tree

Step 1: Fix to standing tree

Secure the mounting bracket to the standing tree with a ratchet belt. Adjust the mounting height according to the size of the prey.

Insert intermediate plate

Procedure ②③:Insert and fix the intermediate plate

Insert the intermediate plate into the end of the mounting bracket. After that, fix the underplate with a belt and the installation is complete.


Step 4: Hang prey

A notch is made in the tendon of the hind leg of the prey, and the hanger is used to hoist the prey.

Precautions for use

● The load capacity of this product is 100kgf. Please do not apply more load. Also, tighten the belt firmly so that there is no slack. If the tightening is weak, the equipment may fall.

● Install the stand on a tree that has sufficient strength. The diameter of the corresponding standing tree is about 20 cm or more. Adjust the mounting height according to the size of the prey.

● Hang the prey so that the load is evenly applied to the left and right sides of the hanger.

● If the rope stopper is released while the prey is suspended, the prey may drop at once due to its own weight. If you want to release the stopper while the prey is suspended, make sure to gradually lower the prey while pulling the rope just in case.

● Observe the relevant laws and regulations when selecting hanger installation locations, prey dismantling locations, and disposing of residue left over from dismantling.

Precautions for use

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Product specifications

本体重量 4.3㎏
サイズ 吊下げアーム長さ/107cm、ハンガー幅/60cm
耐荷重 100kg
セット内容 本体:吊下げアーム、ハンガー、滑車
素材 鉄鋼(表面は防錆黒塗装)
注意事項 ◆十分に強度のある立木に取り付けてください。対応する立木の太さは直径約20cm以上です。

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