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Folding type box trap [single door]

Folding type box trap [single door]

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Perfect for capturing medium-sized animals

Great for capturing medium-sized animals!

This box trap is very useful for trapping small to medium-sized animals such as raccoons, civets, badgers, nutria, and weasels. It can be used in various situations because of its wide range of animals.

Box trap with wide defensive range

Foldable design for easy installation

It is foldable and easy to carry and set up. It can be used outdoors, on the premises, in the attic, etc. It is possible to capture beasts that appear in various places with little effort.

A small box trap that is cheap and easy to catch

Affordable and catches well!

Since its sales launch, the product has been patronized by many customers and has a number of successful results in capturing fish. We recommend this product to our customers who want to capture quickly and easily.

3 sizes to choose from!

Small size folding box trap

small size

Depth: 66 cm x Width: 23 cm x Height: 26 cm
Square grid size: 4.5cm x 2.5cm

Target examples: wild cats, nutria, badgers, hares, minks, weasels (males), etc.

Medium size folding box trap

medium size

Depth: 79 cm x Width: 28 cm x Height: 33 cm
Square grid size: 4.5cm x 2.5cm
Target examples: Raccoon, civet, nutria, badger, hare, wild cat, mink, weasel (male), etc.

Big size folding box trap

big size

Depth: 94cm x Width: 34cm x Height: 37cm
Square grid size: 4.5cm x 2.5cm

Examples: Foxes, wild dogs, raccoon dogs, raccoons, palm civets, nutria, badgers, hares, feral cats, minks, weasels (males), etc.

Footboard type box trap

◯ It is a [single door] type with a door on only one side.

◯ 3 sizes are available. Please choose according to the size of the target to be captured.

◯ The trigger is a footboard type, attracting the target animal with food and stepping on the plate inside to complete the capture.

◯ Because the iron plate is attached to the lower part of the handle, it is designed to prevent injury even if it is harmed from inside the net. You can work even more safely with protective gloves for trapping operations .

One point advice for capture

◯ The most effective way to prevent the trap from falling over is to place it on the entry route. When installing traps, it is recommended to secure them with stakes or other means so that they will not easily fall over. If the route of entry cannot be identified, look for footprints, feces, food scraps, etc. around the area where the damage occurred, and set the trap.

◯ Instant noodles, bread, and sweets such as caramel corn are often used to capture raccoons. Fruits (bananas, grapes, cucumbers, melons, apples, etc.) are used as bait to attract civets. For badgers, instant noodles, caramel corn, and other sweets are used. Rice bran and fruits are also effective. Meat and fish are easily spoiled, increasing bycatch of predators such as weasels.

Tips for catching

Wild birds and animals are protected under the "Law Concerning the Protection of Birds and Animals and Proper Hunting" (Birds and Animals Protection Law) and cannot be captured outside of the laws and rules. For details, please contact the local government in the area where you intend to capture the animals.

Non-wild animals (livestock, poultry, pets (dogs, cats, etc.), stray cats, and stray dogs) are not subject to the Law. Stray dogs and feral cats roaming in urban areas are also included in the category of non-wild animals.

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Product specifications

Size Big size: Depth: 94 cm x Width: 34 cm x Height: 37 cm, Medium size: Depth: 79 cm x Width: 28 cm x Height: 33 cm, Small size: Depth: 66 cm x Width: 23 cm x Height: 26 cm
Mass size: 4.5 cm x 2.5 cm (all sizes) Weight

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