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[For harmful wildlife] Disposal box Unraccoon Active

[For harmful wildlife] Disposal box Unraccoon Active

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As a slaughter method based on the Basic Policy for Prevention of Specified Alien Species Damage Prevention, the trapped box traps are placed in an airtight container and carbon dioxide gas is injected to dispose of the animals.
The Wildlife Protection and Management Law prohibits the disposal of wild animals caught in traps that have been licensed to be left unattended.
The license applicant (=capturer) is obligated to dispose of captured animals in a way that causes as little pain as possible to the animals.

disposal box unraccoon

・Eliminates the problems of conventional culling methods and allows safe and secure disposal.
・A window is attached to the upper lid, allowing for follow-up observation.

*Gas cylinder and flow regulator are not included. We recommend purchasing from a gas distributor.

[Applicable folding box trap (capture machine)]
Folding box trap Small size/Medium size *Big size is only suitable for Unraccoon large size.

[Target animals]
Weasel (male), raccoon dog, nutria, palm civet, raccoon,
fox etc.

unraccoon green white

Appropriate disposal of captive animals

can be put together with the trap

It is possible to put in each trap

Eliminates the problems of conventional culling methods and allows safe and secure disposal. It is a disposal box that can greatly reduce the trouble of moving animals from the trap and the risk of injury and accidents.

easy to carry

easy to carry

Since it is a product that is frequently used locally, it has a size that is easy to carry.
After use, it can be washed with water and is hygienic.

Gas Bombe

Reduce burden with carbon dioxide

While the disposal method has not been established, it is basically necessary to take a method such as "euthanasia". The CO2BOX is not a closed type, but is designed to allow air to leak out on purpose. Using carbon dioxide, it can be disposed of like sleeping by gradually changing its concentration with the air.

Slaughter method by carbon dioxide gas

① Insert the gas hose into the gas inlet at the bottom of the CO2 box.
(Make sure that the entrance of the animal trap is in the direction of the gas injection port.)
(2) Store the animal trap containing the captured animal in the CO2 box and close the lid.
③Turn the handle of the gas cylinder to open it, and turn the pressure adjustment handle to adjust the secondary side pressure gauge.
④ Turn the flow rate adjustment handle to gradually increase the flow rate.
*There are prescribed standards for euthanasia. Always use as directed.
⑤ After injecting for 10 minutes, turn the flow control handle to close the cap and leave it for 1 minute.
⑥ Open the CO2 box and confirm death (confirm that the movement has completely stopped.) → If there is still breathing at this point, repeat the work or kill with poison.

carbon dioxide gas

Please check before ordering


■The capture of wildlife is regulated by laws such as the Wildlife Protection Act. To capture using a trap, you need a capture permit or a hunting license, so please check with your prefecture or municipality in advance.

*It is possible to capture brown rats, black rats, and house mice, as well as mice and moles for agricultural damage countermeasures, without obtaining a permit.

■Please do not use it for the purpose of cruelty to animals.

■Please follow the instructions of each local government after capturing wild animals.

*Avoid using in places where there are infants, children, pets, etc. (There is a possibility of a serious accident.)
*Please wear work gloves to avoid cutting your hands on the edges of the main unit.
*If you accidentally capture a protected animal, please release it immediately.

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Product specifications

【通常】サイズ(外寸) 長さ847㎜×幅307㎜×高さ342㎜
サイズ(内寸) 長さ835㎜×幅295㎜×高さ336㎜
仕様 枠/スチール(焼付塗装)、生地/ポリエステル
重さ 3.7㎏
【大型】サイズ(外寸) 長さ1118㎜×幅435㎜×高さ435㎜
サイズ(内寸) 長さ1112㎜×幅427㎜×高さ420㎜
仕様 枠/スチール(焼付塗装)、生地/ポリエステル
重さ 5.5㎏

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