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Steel garbage station IZAKI (capacity approx. 855ℓ, approx. 19 45L garbage bags)

Steel garbage station IZAKI (capacity approx. 855ℓ, approx. 19 45L garbage bags)

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Garbage disposal sites can be invaded by crows, stray cats, and depending on the location, large animals such as wild boars. This product is a stylish domestic garbage station that does not disturb the scenery.

In addition to this product, we also have a 1710 liter type that is twice the size. Based on research into the movement of people when taking out garbage, the door is designed to be very easy to open and close. It can be safely installed in places where elderly people and children take out garbage.

★ Nationwide shipping available. Free shipping for factory pick-up (Shintomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture).
“The boar ravages the garbage”

Sophisticated appearance, calculated usability

beautify the landscape

Make the landscape more beautiful.

Make garbage disposal brighter and more beautiful. The design is so sophisticated that you wouldn't expect it to be a garbage station, and it doesn't give the dirty impression that you've always had at a garbage disposal place. There is no sense of incongruity even if it is installed in a stylish office that emphasizes the scenery.

Pursuit of practicality

Thorough pursuit of practicality.

The door part has been improved over many years to make it easier to open. Since it can be opened and closed with very little force, it is comfortable to use, not only for those who dispose of garbage, but also for disposal companies. The base of the opening, which is easily damaged, has increased durability, and the service life is not a problem.

Can be moved by disassembling and assembling

Can be disassembled/assembled and moved.

It is designed to be assembled by connecting each panel with bolts and nuts. * When the product is shipped, the disassembled panels are stacked on top of each other. Assembly time is about 30 minutes with two people. We recommend using an electric screwdriver.

Resolves problems unique to garbage stations

moderate transparency

Moderate transparency.

From a management point of view, you want to avoid a garbage station where you can't see the contents at all. However, even if it is too visible, it will spoil the scenery.

This product has been devised with a mesh, and although it is difficult to see the contents from a distance, it has just the right amount of transparency so that you can see the contents when you get close.

Measures against strong winds

Fall protection is also available as an option.

Garbage stations installed outdoors may be overturned by strong winds of typhoons or large animals.

As a countermeasure, this product can be optionally equipped with a case (weight pocket) to store weights.
*Additional option costs apply.

drain hole

bottom drain hole

The bottom has a particularly strong structure, but there is a drainage hole, so rain and waste water will not accumulate at the bottom.

In addition, the design prevents waste odors from accumulating, so it is possible to avoid unpleasant odors that occur when the sealed type is unfolded.

High-level quality from domestic factories

Manufactured in an established factory

Manufactured in a factory with a reputation for metal processing

With precision sheet metal processing and can manufacturing as pillars, we have a system that can handle everything from design to assembly in an integrated manner.

Solid design and quality

Reliable design and quality by skilled staff

We carefully produce our products through a process that has extremely high design and manufacturing technology. It also satisfies the requirements of garbage stations.

Customer support

If you have any questions, please contact customer support

Our Refactory appointed staff will respond to customer inquiries, requests for estimates, and various other requests.

Product specifications

品名 スチール製ゴミステーション IZAKI 885リットル
仕様 分解組立式。各パネルをナットとボルトで組み立てていただきます(所要時間約30分〜1時間)。
外寸 L0.9m × W0.9m × H1.25m
扉開口部寸法 W0.63m × H0.72m
素材 パネル:高耐食めっき鋼板、取っ手およびボルト/ナット:ステンレス
パネル板厚 1.2ミリ
容量 容量約855リットル・45Lゴミ袋約19袋
組立後の重量 約40kg
用途 家庭ごみをはじめ、各種廃棄物の保管等
設置場所の例 マンション、オフィス、工場、公共施設 等

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