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Apollo Shocker Missile ES3B

Apollo Shocker Missile ES3B

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Product features

explosion machine

● Simultaneously with the sound of a shot, a simulated bird jumps up and is shot down from about 8 meters above the head.

● Fully automatic with electric control. All models have volume and operation adjustment. The Shocker Missile ES3B has a volume adjustment function with an electric circuit. Easy and reliable.

● In addition to switching between day and night, the operation interval can also be changed. (1~8 minutes)

● It can be used for about 3 to 4 weeks (approximately 3 minute intervals, medium volume) with 4 single type alkaline batteries, making it economical.

● It can be used for more than a month and a half with a propane gas 10kg cylinder.

● Comes with a protective cover that can be fixed like an electronic circuit cylinder.


*This product does not come with a single dry cell battery or propane gas cylinder.

*This product makes a very loud explosion sound, so please use it in a place that does not cause noise pollution.

Although the noise regulation law does not apply to bombers, each local public entity may have set up standards in their ordinances. Please contact the Pollution Control Division of your local government for information on the existence of such ordinances.

Product specifications

使用電池 単一4個で3~4週間くらい(約3分間隔、音量中位)
プロパンガス10kgボンベ 約1ヶ月半以上

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