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Set of 50 posts for electric fence PJ-2096I Tiger

Set of 50 posts for electric fence PJ-2096I Tiger





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The insulator and post are integrated, making it possible to save the trouble of installing the insulator, so it is an easy-to-install electric fence post . A net mounting hook is also included, making it easy to install a net in addition to the electric fence.

Another major feature is that the struts are made of a high-strength FRP core material molded with insulating PP resin, and are extremely durable, flexible, and rust-proof . When installing and maintaining an electric fence, we often cut the grass, but if it is a weak support, it is often cut by mistake. Since this product is highly durable, such risks can be reduced.

Product features

stepping installation

Easy installation without hammer

Since it can be embedded by stepping during installation, it is much easier to install than the type that is embedded with a hammer.

Combined use with net

Can be used with net

It is possible to install both the electric fence and the net by attaching hooks to the top and bottom of the inside of the post for installing the net.

Durability and resilience

High durability and elasticity

It does not break or bend even if it is hit by an animal's body, so the state of the fence line can be maintained.

Product specifications

直径 20mm角
全長 96cm
地上高 78cm
打ち込み深さ 18cm
ガイシ数 7個
ガイシ間隔 10cm
重さ 310g(1本)

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