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To increase the capture rate of box traps! Animal sensor light (low price version)

To increase the capture rate of box traps! Animal sensor light (low price version)


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Wild boar countermeasures with box traps and sensors

〇 Animal sensor (commonly known as Anisen) is a system that detects animals that have entered the box trap with an infrared sensor and automatically closes the door.
*Anisen is a sensor exclusively for box traps developed by ISE in Mie Prefecture (Patent No. 5696997).

◯ Supervised by a veteran hunter, it is a mechanism that anyone can easily and reliably capture wild animals in any cage. It is also compatible with our Fare Asahi style box trap .

◯ You can set the distance at which the infrared sensor reacts, so you can set it so that it does not react to animals smaller than the set height and only reacts to larger animals.

◯ A metal plate holds down the device, and when the sensor reacts, the plate comes off, the rope that hangs the door comes off, and the door falls. Anisen 2 , a high-end model, is also available.

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Crate trap catch rate up with sensor

I want to increase the capture rate of adult animals

In order to reduce damage, it is effective to reduce the population by capturing adults. However, it is not uncommon that only juveniles (Uribou) are captured, as adults with a high degree of vigilance do not enter box traps. In such cases, we have received many reports that the capture rate has increased by using Anisen ( reference case ).

It is difficult to set the kick string

I want to reduce the labor of setting

Stretching and adjusting the kicking thread so that the wild boar can catch it well requires bending over and tying the thread. If you're not used to it, it can take a long time and be physically exhausting. You can reduce the labor of the device.

Easy-to-operate sensor

I want a sensor that is easy to operate

When you hear the word “sensor,” some people may think, “Isn’t the operation a bit cumbersome?” Anisen's motto is easy operation and easy installation, so even people who are not good at operating machines can use it without problems.
The operation panel has a simple configuration, and no complicated settings are required.

A sweeping sensor effect

The setting of the kick string is deep, and it may be difficult to catch an adult with a high level of vigilance. Because the bargaining with the beast becomes important, Experts can adjust the material and tension of the kick string according to the target individual, but it may be difficult for beginners.

● I can't match the gimmick to the body size of the target.

● Although the trap is devised, the wild boar sees through the kick string and does not enter the trap.

● The wild boar is learning, and when it touches the kicking string, it is highly cautious and does not touch the kicking string.

★ If you use Anisen, the above problems can be solved in one shot. By utilizing various functions, it contributes to the capture of target individuals and groups.

How to set height

1: Set the dial to "Distance".

2: Turn the power switch from "off" to "on"

3: Place a shield at the height you want to react under the sensor

4: If you press and hold the button for a long time and you hear a "beep" sound, the setting is complete.

*The purchase of box traps and sensors may be subject to subsidies depending on the municipality. If you are interested, please contact the responsible organization of each municipality.

Sensor response setting

Product specifications

距離センサー/反射型赤外線センサー 最大検知距離:約1.0m 検知範囲: 5cm
電源 単3電池(充電器なし)
温度センサー/焦電型赤外線センサー 最大検知距離:約 5.0m 検知範囲:30cm
各種機能 昼夜判別機能・各種センサーテスト機能・電池残量表示機能・手動ゲート閉鎖機能

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