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Minoru Sangyo Active Formula Thrips Prediction Insect Trap CAZ-110 Thrips Catcher Adhesive Sheet

Minoru Sangyo Active Formula Thrips Prediction Insect Trap CAZ-110 Thrips Catcher Adhesive Sheet

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*Price is for 10 sets.
10 yellow and 10 blue adhesive sheets are included.

Thrips are microscopic pests that are difficult to find, and in many cases, the emergence of thrips is not noticed until the crops are damaged.
The active type thrips predictive trap "CAZ-110" attracts thrips with its color (adhesive sheet) and smell (azamin), so that you can quickly grasp the occurrence of pests.
You can install this machine before the number of thrips increases and use it as a survey tool to determine the guideline for pesticide spraying.

By sucking up "Azamine" using food-derived raw materials with fiber rods and diffusing the smell, it becomes easier to attract thrips.
You can also attach two commercially available adhesive sheets to this unit.
The adhesive sheets come in yellow and blue colors, each with a different type of thrips that are easier to catch.
If the type of thrips is specified, you can use your favorite combination such as 2 yellow or 2 blue.
With the double effect of smell (azamin) and color (insect trapping sheet), by predicting the occurrence of thrips, early control can be performed and damage to crops can be reduced.

[Points when installing! ]
●Installed at the beginning of cultivation before pests appear, and the number of installed units is 1 unit per 100 square meters (1a).
●The height of the installation should be 0.5 to 1m above the ground.
●It is a research tool that shows the timing of pesticide spraying by counting the number of insects caught on the adhesive sheet.
● Thrips may prefer different colors depending on the species, season, and region. Please select the adhesive sheet while watching the adhesion situation.
● Install in a location that is not exposed to strong winds such as blowers.

Product specifications

機体寸法 全幅Φ17×全高15.5cm
質量 100g(本体のみ)
設置方法 約100m2(10m×10m)に一台
設置高さ 地上0.5〜1mが目安
使用形態 吊り下げ型
交換品 市販の粘着シート(青・黄)、アゼミンセット

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