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Minoru Sangyo Electrostatic Nozzle FS-40 (General Type)

Minoru Sangyo Electrostatic Nozzle FS-40 (General Type)

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●Applying the principle of static electricity, the sprayed chemical solution is attracted to and adheres to the object.
●You can expect a reduction in the amount of pesticides used.
●The amount of pesticide adhered to the human body is about the same as the conventional law, so there is no problem.
*Be sure to wear protective glasses and a mask when using the product.
●It is a simple design that omits the "prevention navigation function" from FS-50A.
●The charging electrode on the spout charges the chemical and sprays it.
●The built-in heater maintains optimal conditions against leaks and condensation that cause electrical leakage.
●Various spray directions can be selected by changing the nozzle and jet pipe.
●The main body is equipped with a nice cleaner as standard to prevent clogging of the nozzle.
●You can use your own power sprayer (hand pressure 2-3MPa) and hose.
●Automatically OFF after 3 hours of continuous power supply to prevent battery consumption.

*The flow rate display value may fluctuate due to factors such as temperature, chemical solution, and piping connection method.

Product specifications

寸法 全長1250×全幅180mm
重量 1.17kg
使用圧力 2〜3MPa(本機手元圧力)
ノズル 静電型2頭口(噴霧方向可変)
流量 4.8L/分(Φ1.5・25コア・2MPa時)
流量表示精度 表示値±5%(メーカー実測値)
電源 単三電池4本(ニッケル水素・アルカリ)(別売)
連続使用可能時間 8時間(当社試験結果・ニッケル水素2000mAh)
付属品 ボールコック、ワンタッチ継手、ナイスクリーナー、ホースベルト、ホース牽引バンド、肩掛バンド、アース線、電極部クリーナー

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