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Minoru Sangyo Sprayer Puff Junior FP-1010

Minoru Sangyo Sprayer Puff Junior FP-1010

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●Weighing 3.3kg, the lightest in the industry, it is easy to carry and work.
●As it is made of plastic, it is light and durable, so it is recommended for women and the elderly.
●Ideal for farming, gardening, home gardening, etc.
Equipped with a telescopic nozzle (48-91 cm) as standard equipment, enabling high-altitude spraying.
● With the industry's first dilution ratio cup (500-fold and 1000-fold solutions can be easily made).
●Diaphragm pump driven by rack and pinion gears for easy handle operation.
● 0.3 to 0.4 MPa constant pressure system.
●Specially reinforced chemical-resistant plastic tank for excellent durability.

Product specifications

型式 FP-1010
寸法 W38×D20×H48cm
重量 3.3kg
タンク容量 10L
噴口 縦型2頭口
圧力 0.3〜0.4Mpa(3〜4kgf/cm2)

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