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Koshin KOSHIN smart Koshin rechargeable washing machine SJC-1820

Koshin KOSHIN smart Koshin rechargeable washing machine SJC-1820

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Product information

Rechargeable washing machine that can be used immediately anywhere, considering ease of use and comfort

●Cordless and easy to clean anywhere!
Since it is a battery, you can wash it even in places where there is no water or power supply as long as you prepare a bucket.
A water supply hose is also included, so there is no troublesome water tap connection. Easy to prepare.

●Women can use it smartly
The thin grip makes it easy for women's small hands to hold, and it's easy to operate just by pressing a switch.

Powerful & water saving
Approximately 10 times the pressure of tap water, 1/10 compared to tap water and a water saving type.

Vacuum cleaner

Product specifications

モーター ブラシモーター
バッテリー リチウムイオン
電圧 DC 18V
容量 2.0Ah
充電時間 約60分(※気温やバッテリーの充電残量などにより異なります。)
運転時間 扇状ノズル:約13分 / 回転ノズル:約14分(※満充電時。)
吐出圧力 2.2MPa(扇状ノズル)
最大吐出水量 2.0L/分 (120L/時間)
給水 水道蛇口直結又は自給可能(50℃以下)
騒音値 74dB
本体重量 1.4kg(バッテリーなし)/1.9kg(バッテリーあり)
本体サイズ(W×L×H) 790×262×90mm

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