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Ino pig countermeasure repellent sheet 50 sheets x 2 sets Patent No. 4994408

Ino pig countermeasure repellent sheet 50 sheets x 2 sets Patent No. 4994408

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A hanging type repellent sheet that repels wild boars (wild boars) with their disliked odor and color. Due to the odors that beasts are not good at, such as red pepper ingredients, it exerts a strong repellent effect against boars.

In addition, to increase the repellent effect, a purple material (a special fiber that allows air to pass through but does not allow water to pass through) is used, and when it shakes, it arouses the vigilance of wild boars. In addition, this repellent sheet for pigs comes with a bell. Even sound has a repelling effect

[Before purchase] The repellent sheet is divided into boar type and boar type. Here is the wild boar type .

*Difference between wild boars and wild pigs: Wild boars and pigs are crossbred for the purpose of using wild boars as meat. Inobuta is said to be larger in size. In addition, wild boars only breed once a year, while boars can breed all year round, so they have a high fertility.

Easy installation of anti-animal sheet

Easy installation

No foundation work required, simply attach to strings or existing fences at regular intervals. Anyone can install it easily. No need for large-scale foundation work. Please install this wild boar repellent sheet by hanging it on fences and paths at intervals of 1.0 meters or less. For best results, we recommend installing the product at a height of 60 to 70 cm and 10 to 20 cm away from the ground.

Anti-animal sheet expiration date


Even if you don't have a prop, you can just install it directly on the tree. Contact with grass does not affect the effect. Expiration date (about 1 year) Effective without maintenance.
*The repellent effect has been confirmed under multiple environments, but compensation cannot be made. please note that.

subsidy target

Eligible for subsidy

This product is eligible for the Bird and Beast Damage Prevention Comprehensive Measures Grant. You can receive it by applying to the Wildlife Damage Council of your city hall.

*The application method differs depending on the area in which you live. Please inquire at the window of the Wildlife Damage Council at your city hall.

Patented* hanging type repellent material

The video shows the effectiveness of the repellent sheet being verified with a real wild boar. You can see how the wild boar sniffs and avoids.

It has been introduced by many public institutions, golf courses, and farmers. We have a track record of installation in more than 1,000 locations nationwide, and we have received positive feedback from our customers.

[Customer's voice] NEXCO West Japan "We have fences installed to prevent people and small animals from entering the expressway, but depending on the location, there is a so-called "animal trail" where wild boars will invade. I had several accidents where I was hit by a car. I was very troubled because the road management responsibility was questioned.
I tried a gel-type drug, but when I was about to give up in a situation where it was almost ineffective, I heard from the Kyushu Expressway Office that this product was very effective and tried it. As soon as I used it, I was very surprised to see the effect. 』

*Patent No. 4994408: Sheet for preventing intrusion of wild boars and deer

*We do not sell ropes or supports for installation. We recommend props (such as privet mushrooms) and tiger-rolled ropes sold at home centers.

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Product specifications

大きさ 50 x 9.5cm
素材 忌避剤:天然植物(食品添加物) カプサイシン他

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