Introduction of the popular product "Kukuri Trap Strong" from Inohoi


A tying trap that catches the prey by tying the wire and tying the legs when the prey steps in. There are various types, but the flip-up type is often used in hunting and extermination sites in recent years. Inohoi also sells multiple types of flip-up tying traps, and among them, we will introduce the features and product information of our popular flip-up type tying trap " Kukuri Trap Strong ".

A word from Inohoi
“Cheap and easy to catch, yet durable and long-lasting. I will explain the features of Inohoi's Tie Trap Strong in detail! 』

3 features of Inohoi's wild boar and deer tying trap strong

Inohoi's original product " Kukuri Trap Strong " is characterized by its very sturdy construction and can be used for a long time, so it is also excellent in cost performance.

Feature 1. High durability using resin footboards

The treads of the Kukuri Trap Strong are made of a more durable resin material instead of the traditional wooden treads.

Wooden treads are inexpensive and easy to process, but there are concerns about malfunctions such as swelling and peeling due to absorption of water, and warping in humid environments.

Therefore, Inohoi's " Kukuri Trap Strong " adopts a more durable resin tread. Not only does it greatly reduce concerns about malfunctions, but it is also durable and can be used repeatedly for a long time, so it has excellent cost performance. You can use it with peace of mind even in environments such as rain and snow.

In addition, the arm part uses steel to make it as durable as possible. It takes more time and effort to manufacture than aluminum, but it is more durable and can be used for a long time. *The surface is coated to prevent rust as much as possible.

Feature 2. A safety device (holding metal fitting) that prevents the arm from moving

A powerful compression spring is used in the power part of the tying trap. When installing, it is necessary to compress the spring, but if it is not compressed firmly, it will not be able to demonstrate its full performance. Compressing the spring each time is difficult at the installation site where there are various restrictions, and if it takes time, traces of human beings are likely to remain.

Inohoi's Kukuri Trap Strong is equipped with a safety device (holding hardware) that prevents the arm from moving. Before entering the mountain, you can carry it by rooting it to the hook of a light tiger, compressing the spring, and setting the holding metal fittings. If you do so, you can shorten the time to set up the trap on the spot. In addition, it is safe because it can prevent accidental discharge during installation.

Feature 3. Adjustable load at which the trap activates

Kukuri Trap Strong allows you to adjust the load at which the trap activates. The PVC pipe that serves as the pedestal has 6 holes for inserting toothpicks, and by increasing or decreasing the number of toothpicks, it is possible to adjust the load that activates the trap.

It is possible to adjust the timing at which the footboard falls according to the weight of the target prey. You can devise ways to prevent erroneous capture and increase the capture rate.

Product lineup of Kukuri Trap Strong

The use of kukuri traps with a ring diameter exceeding 12 centimeters is prohibited, but the restrictions have been relaxed or lifted depending on the region. Specifically, there are many areas where it can be used if it is 15 cm or less, or where restrictions have been lifted. Therefore, the following three sizes are available for the treads of the Kukuri Trap Strong.

  • S size: arm short diameter 12 cm x long diameter 18 cm
  • M size: arm short diameter 15 cm x long diameter 20 cm
  • L size: arm short diameter 18 cm x long diameter 22 cm

In the case of flip-up type tying traps, whether or not they can be used is determined by the short diameter of the arm. You can use S size in areas with 12 cm restrictions, M size in areas with relaxed restrictions on 15 cm, and L size in areas where restrictions have been lifted.

1. Kukuri Trap Strong Finished Product

If you are looking for a complete product, please purchase the " Kukuri Trap Strong Finished Product ". This is a particularly popular type because it comes with a set of pre-assembled springs and treads that can be set up as soon as it arrives.

2. Kukuri Trap Strong Footboard + Pedestal Set

" Kukuri Trap Strong Footboard + Pedestal Set " is a set of only the footboard and pedestal. It has been well received by those who make their own springs for tying traps and those who want to replace broken treads.

Four. Various replacement parts/self-made kits

Inohoi offersvarious replacement parts for tying traps . The treads can be used over and over again as long as they do not break, but the parts used in the springs are consumables, so we recommend replacing them when damaged or during regular maintenance.

We also offer self- made kits for easy and low-cost self-assembly. Please choose according to the application.

customer's voice

Finally, we would like to introduce some of the feedback from customers who actually used Kukuri Trap Strong.

◎ Up until now, we have been using wooden footboard traps with almost the same mechanism, but the drawback was that they were weak against water. Strong is satisfied because the footboard is made of resin and is durable.
◎ You can set a trap without damaging the tread even in a humid place. It is economical because it can be used for a long time.
◎ Since it is made of resin, it no longer corrodes like the previous wooden board.
◎ Shiitake mushrooms are eaten by deer, so I was able to capture three at once by planting multiple mushrooms in a nearby orchard.
If you are looking for a product that is sturdy, cheap, and easy to catch with a flip-up type tying trap, please consider it.

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