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Bird Damage Control Crow Bodyguard SS KRS-SS1

Bird Damage Control Crow Bodyguard SS KRS-SS1

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This product can be used as a crow repellent machine during the day and for crime prevention at night. 27 kinds of voices that crows dislike are played randomly with a sense of realism, and a human sensor detects intruders and automatically plays a warning voice.

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Crow repelling voice machine during the day

Crows make alarming sounds.

〇 A total of 27 types of realistic sounds, such as crow screams (the sounds that crows make when attacked by enemies such as hawks), warning calls, cheers, explosions, hawk voices, human threats, and rocket fireworks sounds. A strong sound with a strong feeling makes the crows wary and avoid it.

〇 The playback time interval is also a random time of 3 to 17 minutes. For that reason, it is difficult for crows to learn, and we have received a reputation that it is effective for crows with realistic sounds.

〇The two loud speakers are independent and produce 2-channel stereo sound. It can also be installed in a remote location from the main unit. Regularly change the position and orientation of the speakers to prevent "crow habituation".

Bird damage prevention crow bodyguard SS KRS-SS1

Crime prevention security voice machine at night

※The image is an image. Camera not included.

〇At random times (15 to 30 minute intervals), a crime prevention voice (announcement) will play as if a real security system had been activated. It is a security voice machine for crime prevention packed with ideas.

〇 A total of 11 types of crime prevention sounds are built in, and 2 types are automatically played at random. Example: "I have detected an abnormality in the hall. Start camera shooting. I am reporting to the security center. 』
*Sound includes 1 English and 1 Chinese.

〇 When the human sensor detects it, a stronger sound and warning voice (announcement) will be played to repel it. There are 5 types of warning sounds, and 1 type is played at random when detected.

〇 It operates only at night with a "high-sensitivity human sensor" that reliably detects and does not miss. Operation can be selected with a selector switch (day and night only/day only/night only).

Crime prevention security voice machine at night


〇 Installation is easy with the included installation stay that can be fixed to a wooden pole or pipe. If you prepare a prop separately, you can install up to a single pipe Φ48.6 with the attached binding band.

〇 Comes with a dummy antenna that makes it look like an IoT device that is communicating.

〇The power supply is not included. Please purchase a 12V battery/battery box for automobiles at a home center. Simply connect with an alligator clip to complete the connection.
*With a 12V battery 40B19 for light vehicles, it can operate for about 18 days.

〇 When the battery runs out, the LED flashes to notify you.

〇Volume can be freely adjusted (up to about 100dB). Since it is a device that evades by sound, if there is a private house in the neighborhood, it will be subject to noise and complaints, so please be considerate. There is also a sound volume adjustment, but if the sound is too soft, the effect will be weak.

crow bouncer

Product specifications

付属品 バッテリーコード 3m スピーカー接続コード 5m
サイズ 高さ320 × 幅460 × 奥行165 (mm) 突起部含まず

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これまでビニールハウスの被害に悩ま瀬れていていろいろ対策しましたがどれも効果が無くて途方に暮れてましたがこれをセットしてからカラスが寄り付きません。 いない時はOFFにしていますがたまに鳴らすと効果的だと思います。

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