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Wire rope for leg trap Φ6mm 6*19

Wire rope for leg trap Φ6mm 6*19

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When aiming for a big game and focusing on strength. Φ6mm, 6*19 wire rope 30-200m winding. It's a bargain than selling by piece. Please prepare cutting tools separately.

Oil-free wire rope ideal for tying traps

Economical 30 to 200m wire rope that is convenient for making tying traps is sold in units of one roll. Please use it to replace damaged wire ropes. *Cutting tools must be prepared separately by the customer.

◯ The specifications are Φ6mm, 6*19.

◯ Many people use 6 * 24, but in our experience, it is soft and tightens well, but it is easy to twist, so it tends to cut well when a large animal hits it. Therefore, we use 6*19.

◯ We also sell products with other diameters and roll units. To wire rope list>>

We also sell replacement trap parts.

The treads can be used many times as long as they do not break, but the parts used for the springs are consumables. We also sell replacement parts starting from 1 unit.

Components of a tying trap

We also recommend a self- made kit that is a bargain with each component set.

wire list

Product specifications

材質 亜鉛めっき
切断荷重(参考) 1,978kgf

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