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Wire rope for leg trap Φ4mm 6*19

Wire rope for leg trap Φ4mm 6*19


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Information page for 2.5 meters of 4mm, 6*19 wire rope with a good balance of strength and operating performance, sold cut and wound in 30 to 200 meter lengths. The price of the coiled version is more economical than the cut version. Please prepare cutting tools etc. separately.

Oil-free wire rope ideal for tying traps

2.5 meters of wire rope convenient for making a trap, sold by the roll, in units of 30 to 200 meters. Please use it to replace damaged wire rope. Cutting tools are to be prepared separately by the customer.

◯ The specifications are 4mm, 6*19.

◯ Many people use 6*24, but in our experience, it is softer and tighter, but it tends to twist easily, so it tends to cut well when a large animal is on it. For this reason, we use 6*19.

◯ We also sell products with other diameters and roll units. To wire rope list>>

We also sell replacement trap parts.

The treadle can be used many times unless it is broken, but the parts used for the spring portion are consumable. Replacement parts are also available.

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Material Galvanized Diameter

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