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Protective fence animal fence (with 11 posts)

Protective fence animal fence (with 11 posts)

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As a fence to prevent wild boars, deer, stray dogs, and small animals from entering fields, as a fence to enclose managed land and idle land such as ponds and vacant lots, as a temporary fence at construction sites, as a perimeter fence for a dog run, etc. , can be used for a variety of purposes.

A convenient set that comes with 11 wire nets and dedicated posts for easy installation. The prop material is steel + paint coating.

Easy installation! Just hang it on the hook on the strut.

◯ With the hooks on the outside, drive the posts into the ground at intervals of 2 meters.

* Using a hammer, etc., drive in to a depth of about 40cm.

*If the ground is hard, drill a temporary hole before applying.

〇Hang the fence from the hook on the top, and bend the wire at the bottom two places before hanging.

〇 Once you have hung the whole thing on the hook, fix it so that the fence does not come off.

〇 After installation, if there are any concerns, please reinforce them accordingly.

Animal fence installation method

Please check before ordering

About box trap delivery

〇This product will be shipped to corporate customers and cannot be delivered to private homes (shipped directly from the manufacturer).

〇 You need a signboard or nameplate that can confirm that you have a store or office and that you are a corporation. Please be aware that even if you provide us with your corporate name, business name, etc., if the delivery location uses a room in a general house or condominium as an office, it will be treated as a private residence.

〇 If the driver determines that it is difficult for the delivery truck to reach the delivery destination due to narrow roads, etc., the delivery may be stopped at the delivery company's office or delivered by charter flight (additional shipping fee required). , Please note.

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Product specifications

目合 1m×20m・1.2m×20m:10㎝×5㎝、1.5m×15m:7.5cm×5cm、2m×20m:10cm×10cmL型支柱
材質 スチール

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