Collection: box trap for boar

To catch a boar with a box trap

wild boar capture

Find a place where you can see a lot of wild boar footprints, feces, nutauchi (mud on the body) and food marks, and set up a box trap on a flat place nearby.

First of all, in order to make the wild boar less wary, the door is kept in a state where it cannot fall down, and rice bran, sweet potato, sake lees, wheat, etc. are sprinkled to attract it. Once a day, the boars are patrolled around the traps, and by gradually moving the area where the bait is to be sprinkled into the trap while watching how the bait is depleted, the wild boars are lured into the trap.

If the wild boar eats the bait in the back of the trap, make the door fall down and capture it.

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